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That Parent
Look. I'm not proud of it. More often than not I'm that guy who just wants to sit and chill with his girl at lunch. However this dad gave me one of those look overs as I sat down at the next table with his kid. I'm like "dude. This is a mall. Not a bar. What's with the attitude?"

So yeah. I was the guy that totally pointed out that my three year old was so excited to eat her Thai food with a fork knife and glass of water while his brat drank soda and ate fries and nuggets with his hands. And he's six

Yeah. I can be that parent. 
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lol people are so judgemental you should have smiled and asked "why so judgy!?"
The best response is... no response at all! Especially if you're with your kids. Time is too short to dwell on negativity. I have four kids (2 boys, girls) and it's best to take the high road, especially when kids are around (yours or others). Have fun with her because they grow so fast! :)
Those are the one's i go to watch in the mall. Bad attitude and Poor manners. I belive they do get what they deserve wheather we see it or not, and once in a we get lucky enough to watch
I love that little face with her fork and knife. Our kid rocks. 
Life's too short NOT to let people know when they've over stepped. Sounds like you were a great example for your daughter on how not to let other people judge you and stay calm while doing it. 
If ever, you sat next to me, I'll probably give you a "look over" too...

...but it'll be mostly out of awe and humility as I seriously would be starstruck...
Be that parent, man. :) It's all good.
I would be thinning, what a great photo op, while my nugget eating monkeys tore the roof off the place
Sometimes the best response is just to smile back, as if you don't understand what the problem could possibly be!

Actually, I was reminded of the following poem. It's from the book 'Beginnings and Beyond' by Carol Lynn Pearson, and titled, 'At the Church Christmas Party':

"My little Johnny, who was three,
Climbed with lights in his eyes onto Santa's knee.
"And what would you like this year my boy?
If I can I'll bring your favorite toy."

Johnny didn'teven need time to think.
"I want a dolly", he said, "that will eat and drink."
Twelve parents at least, turned to look at me
And a big man said suspiciously,

"Next year he'll want a dress or two."
I replied,"It's the father in him coming through."
"Well, that's not what some folks would say.
A kid's character's built by the way he'll play."

My little Johnny, who was three,
Climbed with lights in his eyes from Santa's knee.
And the big man grinned as he watched his son
Ask Santa Claus for a tank and a gun."

I think he knows you, and was to shy to ask for a autograph ;-)
Wish more were like that! Keep it up RC, maybe some will take notice!
early use of tools shows higher intelligence than most Hope you can keep up with her in the long run.
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