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Tomorrow Is The Day! The Photo Walk is Here!
With over 31,000 people participating in over 1300 cities around the globe, i'm so ecstatic that tomorrow is The Day for the +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk - The largest Photography social event out there!  If you are participating and are on Google+ , make sure you sign into the official event page  .  We would love to see what you guys are shooting during the event.   

I've also made a post on the official +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk with some last minute notes.  Make sure you go here and check out the post.  Also, do me a favor and pass it on.  We want to make sure everyone is up to date before the event:
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i think i wont be able to sleep :p
I'm sad I'm not walking... though given the number of photographers I know of that will be at the Battle of Queenston Heights tomorrow, I feel like I dropped the ball in not trying to set one up...

Hope everyone around the world has a blast.. I'm really getting addicted to Photowalks.
Hi, can you tell me the way that I go to the Fotowalk Mexico page?
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