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How Much Did I love the D800?
Below is a screen grab of a section of an #HDR  that I am working on the plane.  This is a 18 Shot HDR Pano that right now measures about 31 inches wide on the #nikon   #D800  I borrowed for the trip.  So.. this is a small section.. detail overload.  I'll share this one  (and a 45 shot HDR Pano) I did as I finish them up.  Just wanted to share a quick peek at the #photography  
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I'd never seriously consider switching to Nikon...then again.
Looks so interesting!  is that like casino Indiana Jones style?  Looking forward to the whole thing.
Brian.. the detail that this thing got was just intense...  Look.. I think Canon has a great camera.. but this D800 was just wild in terms of size and detail. 
amazing. can't wait to own one
Canon needs to at least try and step up to the bar.
Looks like it will be amazing, can't wait to see it
+RC Concepcion I'm loving mine, and after 2 weeks I am still amazed when I zoom 100% on a shot and see the detail
I opted for a D700 recently and I wish I hadnt waited. What a great camera. Can only imagine that the d800 is super.
I have been considering changing camera companies and the Nikon d800 is looking good. How is high ISO noise?
Can't wait to see the final results, RC!  I really enjoy your HDR work.  It's a real inspiration.  On the Canon/Nikon thing, I've been hearing more and more canon people going to the D800.  Then again, I hear people with the 5d mark III love it's low light capabilities.
That is amazing RC. That must be a huge file you are working with!
Ken Z
+RC Concepcion ... in the end though, I am interested, could you have gotten the same shot with a entry level camera or mid-level camera? Of course, I know that 1:1 viewing the D800 has no comparison right now (I agree that the details coming out of Nikons latest are most impressive)....but I am more confident in your amazing ability to setup a shot and process your exposures (HDR) -- I believe in you RC and I am much less concerned with what camera you used....I don't believe you want to make it sound like unless we all have the latest body then we just can't make the cut....and I know that you don't want others who are holding a D3s (or less) to feel like they are holding an obsolete for the record, I (like many others) are inspired by your work and feel incredibly blessed to be on the receiving end of your desire to share and want to pass on your skills and experience so that others can be better at what they do -- I thank you for that heart beat of yours to help others!!! You are amazing RC -- the d800 is just a camera.  :)
thats going to be insane ....  +RC Concepcion  knowing the amount of detail and time you will have into it  can't wait to see it 
All this D800 talk is making me wish I had more money.... Can't wait to see the panos!
I just shot my first wedding with it. I could die... the detail, the sharpness it renders from my lenses, the colors... Pure thrill!
+RC Concepcion I have so far managed to ignore all the D800 hype so that my bank balance remains intake. Thanks +RC Concepcion you know that if you keep posting these images I am going to have to get one, don't you. ;)
Wow! Been telling myself I dont need it, but looking at screens like these, I soooo have to get one! That's looking awesome!
Today must be "teasing us Monday" with this intriguing photo and Engadget's hints about Apple's WWDC at 10:00 Pacific time
The more pictures of your Bodie trip I see, the more ticked off I am that I missed it.  I hope Bill Fortney does this again next year.
+RC Concepcion Great Post on the D800 and would love to hear more about your thoughts on the D800.  Also, how about your thoughts on Bodie.  Going there in  October and always looking for tips.
I am trying to understand why the same folks who had no interest in the D3x at 24MP (saying "I dont need that many MP") are so interested in the D800.
Is it just a time factor? Folks getting used to the idea? Or maybe price? Any feedback?
Getting a D800 at its price - and seeing that kind of detail in the camera is just great.  Is it something for everyone? No.   Getting back to +Ken Zuk question - could you have done the shot with another camera.. I think so.  It would be similar, but not the same I think..   What I am excited about it is the details in the shot.  This, and the overall dynamic range is what gets me excited.  +Richard Dalby - I couldnt answer to the comment on "..why the same folks" - I dont know what people who didn't want a D3X were thinking  - I think Price vs. Megapixel count is way beneficial to get one for me...   

Does that make sense, Richard?
+RC Concepcion +David Baker Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. Makes sense RC. I remember +Scott Kelby on his blog  (and many others) describing why the D3x was not for them. If I remember correctly, it was mainly that 1.) speed was slow. 2.) IOS performance not as good as the D3(s) 3.) 24 MP was overkill  4.) The large MB file size of RAW files.  (Please excuse me if I am misrepresenting anyone). But all those concerns seemed to evaporate with the D800.
They do when the D3X was $8,000 and the bigger D800 is $3,000 -  To me, having a camera like that with that quality is a good value.  That said, my needs in terms of ISO performance and speed are already met with my D3S.  This augments my arsenal.   Up until this past weekend, I was going to sell my D3S and get a D4 .  After playing with it, Im keeping the D3S and getting the D800.  And we haven't even talked about the video (which im personally very interested in)
Ken Z
Thanks +RC Concepcion -- I am quite sure you could get that shot with another body, and I agree, might not be the same, the range in the shots that I have seen look amazing...but like I said, I think you are an amazing photographer :)
18 shot HDR pano? Wait, I thought the D800 has totally sick dynamic range? Why do you need so many images? (Yes, I know, Pano, so there's stitching going on, but still, how many shots for each frame you're stitching?)
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