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You go +Lindsey Stirling - Dubstep AND Violin .. .sounds awesome! Good job!
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Yep fantastic vid and awesome music to boot. I had purchased her music last night on iTunes... I cant wait to see more Dubstep from +Lindsey Stirling
Really nice. I wasn't familiar with her - mighty talented violinist with a wonderful sound.
get that fiddler back on the roof ;)
Lindsey I absolutely loved the dub step and the following video's that I took the time to watch . I used to live in Colorado and never saw the ice castles...thanks for look fabulous!
totally awesome. I am interested how you play and have the video
this was awesome beautiful girl great violinist great dancer unbeleavable site. you could feel this in your soul
Nav H.
Take out the dub-step parts and it would be wonderful track.
saw it, love it, want to see more!!! i also saw the zelda medley! it was awesome!!!! lol
Way to ruin violin with electronic hogwash.
Quite possibly the coolest and most beautiful thing I've heard in a while...
Let me just say that it is haunting and beautiful. Love the dubstep love the fact that folks are figuring out that classical instruments do not have to be reserved for stuffy chamber music.
Incredible! Adiing that to my assimilate this media list... I can type - Really!
oh, she is the one from America's Got Talent?!
Fun concept, great location, nice music but I'd recommend working with a choreographer.
Amazing. I really enjoyed your music, your moves were great, the setting was beautiful, the photography was wonderful, yes, do it again.
Not to take away the many hours of work this young lady has put in to learn to play the instrument - and I absolutely wish her the best, it's a good idea I've been waiting for someone to try... (if not exactly original - Nigel Kennedy was good enough to play with the late, great Stephane Grapelli but Sony only took an interest when he did an album of Hendrix covers that sounded like dog shit) I'd bet it will do quite well, especially as the artist isn't overweight or frumpy, but I think it's a sad indictment of what big-money has done to music...The reason people see this as so "amazing" is that the electronic background musak that we're usually assailed with has been given a melody...we have an entire generation now that think that a DJX is a real instrument...there is no reason why the backing couldn't have been performed by an orchestra playing real instruments, except of course, that dickheads like simon cowell (who know a lot about turning a profit and nothing about music) say it won't sell to a young demographic...
Extremely talented and beautiful. Enjoyed it. If you haven't seen any of her other stuff, look it up. She's great! (Devin's stuff is completely worth looking at as well.)
Fresh, very interesting, amazing talent, and more please!
Wow! Very pleasing ... audio and video (great music and a really cute girl) ... what's not to like?
amazing i love it when people tastefully blend elements that seem to oppose each other
nice music...,,, but honestly I dont like while she dances.. look stupid. :P
She said I'm awesome. How did she know?
I will never get that 45 seconds back again.....terrible.
Pretty girl shredding on violin, nothing wrong with that!
Excelent music our mind think for location and music
Thought this was an ad
Hmm...childish people say things like that out loud...I don't think that guy speaks in sentences at on muffin! (U don't wear a tiara,do ya??)
An incredible combination of an amazing location and excellent performance.
Posted this on my stream yesterday. She is awesome :)
Nic Sun
wow that is one hell of a fine woman.
That's excellent, but does that really count as dubstep?
the music is beautiful.
Well done. You're on the right path. 
this would be a thousand times better without the synthesizer....and its still pretty good.
very beautiful music and video. The Video is much nicer than the most of you can see today : ))
Chan Li
she is on fire !
Very talented! Great mix of music and this artistic video!!!
Beautiful, music and all. Thanx for sharing.
the heir on the back of neck it standing up or some :-)
hmmmmm.....nice and......sorta feelin really gooooood
I am in love with this style of Dubstepp and what a fabulous artist +Lindsey Stirling is :-)
Beautiful - Thank you
Incredible. Simply Incredible!
wow...wierd...i just watched this on youtube and then its already been shared on google+ im being stalked by the internet!!!!!
Not too many things stop me in my tracks.... This sure did. Thanks for sharing. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!
Love it and thanks for always sharing your awesome taste in music! :-)
daily lission in moring my mind relax i love so much this music
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