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Join us Tomorrow 4PM EST for a Photoshop Touch Special Episode

Adobe has just released Photoshop Touch for the iPad tonight. We've been spending a bit of time playing around with it, and wanted to do TWO special episodes of Photoshop User TV to cover the app, its features, and how you get your Photoshop on with your tablet.

Join +pete collins and myself tomorrow Monday February 27, 2012 at 4PM EST over at We will run a second show on Tuesday February 28, 2012 at 12PM EST as well.

We hope to see you there. Share it & Tell Your Friends! One sharer will win a year membership to NAPP! (

Adobe Link for the app:
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Great News! Looking forward to the show!
Yeah.. its pretty neat.. both on the Android and on the iPad. That said, im using the Transformer Prime. Anythings neat on this thing. :)
I was wondering when Adobe would be doing this? +RC Concepcion looking forward to the shows.

And it's a good price $10!
Snapseed and Photoshop don't really do the same things. There are uses for both.
+Ramon Nuez I'd call Snapseed a more casual editing tool. It has a lot of built-in effects that make it easy to achieve specific looks quickly. You can achieve a lot of the same stuff with Photoshop, but it would take a lot more time to do so building the layers to do it right. I'd likely pull a photo up in Snapseed first and do adjustments there, and then if there's any detailed work to do switch to Photoshop Touch.
+RC Concepcion If there's time in the show this afternoon, you might want to briefly cover why you'd want to have both Snapseed and Photoshop Touch apps.
What is the max import image resolution for the ipad? I forget the number for android(i think its 1600x1600), but it is really low by today's image size of any camera...
I agree, the resolution is too low.
See.. for me, I see this more as a fun tool for ideas. I can import big pictures in it and play with it with layers.. get an idea of what I want to do. If I find myself wanting to create something that's bigger than these resolutions, i'd go to my desktop.

For picture adjustments and things like that without layers i'd prob do other stuff too... I see this as being one of several apps that sit in my Retouching Folder.. not one that replaces all of the ones that are already there now.

Hope that helps. :)
Hey RC, Im trying to share the post, but it says its locked and cannot be shared :S
Share the original one... never mind fixed it.
only the lowest size picture my phone takes (1280x960) will be able to be opened in Photoshop touch. I never set it that low, so I would never have any image to play with unless I found an image on google image search. I like this app, I just have to open any image in a 2nd app, to save it down, 1 step that PST should elimate, or even better support a larger size for import, even if it means it downsizes it when it does so.
U could use the CS Cloud thing to upload your images, and then download them to your tablet
The images of any size can be opened... its just the work area of the file thats 1600... I think thats what ppl are freaking out about.. thinking that no file will be opened at that size.
Thats one of the things that im going to talk about during the show..
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