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Using Photo Mechanic and a Wacom Tablet
I was doing a shoot in Miami.. and shot a lot of images.  A lot.  More than I really wanted to cull on a one by one basis.  I figured this was a great time to go back to #PhotoMechanic  and use that because of the speed.  Combine that with a #Wacom  tablet, and you can really make this culling #photography  process work for you.  Figured ppl would dig the tutorial on it. 
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I love Photo Mechanic for sorting through tons of photos. You can't beat the speed with anything else
+RC Concepcion  great tutorial... I would like to setup these custom settings in LR. Do you know if LR would move with the same speed will going thru images in LR?
+Don Weaver -  It doesn't seem to retain the same crisp detail when scanning through images as fast as Photo Mechanic (at least w/ my hardware and LR3).  You can under the Photo menu set it to Auto Advance the same, and do all the other custom settings with a tablet and LR's controls (P for pick, X for reject and numbers to flag).

I also often set LR to filter Flagged and Unflagged so Rejects auto disappear. I find this helps me scrutinize and pare down better when the keepers are against themselves and not the obvious rejects still.
David S
Hands down Photo Mechanic is the fastest program to sort through tons of photos. Worth the investment.
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