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Adobe Creative Cloud: For Photographers

Boom. Adobe just announced a Creative Cloud program for #photography.

+Adobe Photoshop CC. +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. 20GB of storage. Prosite. Video tutorials.

Oh the cost? $9.99 a month. And they have no plans on raising it. That will certainly be of interest to a ton of folks. Thanks #Adobe !
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Sandy beach, why couldn't they have done this 2 months ago. Anything subscribers of PS only can do about this?
Still $240 over two years. As I usually go longer than that before updating PS, this is still a net loss for me. I just make pictures as a hobby, so I still won't be subscribing.
Checked the FAQ on Adobe's site and the one thing I couldn't find is if this includes the font kit too or not. Regardless, this is a great deal for someone who isn't using the other CC apps! 
Was no the brink of purchasing Capture One Pro, this certainly makes the decision that much harder.
Yes, but is this the rate for the first year or will they bump it up when they decide enough fish are on the hook?
What if you have Photoshop CC and have purchased LR5 as standalone?  Can you add LR to your current subscription?
And the UK price will be... about three times that?
Of course they are going to eventually rise the price. How can people fall for such an obvious tactic?
Having this under the $10 mark could get a lot of attention from quite a few people I know.
Damn, and I just bought Lightroom.  Something tells me there won't be a license-transfer option.
Only for registered users of CS3 and later? Looks like I'll be sticking with CS2 for a while longer.
Dang, I just bought LR5 and signed up for Photoshop CC about 2 months ago.  I wonder if there will be any way to convert over to this plan?  I have never had a license of CS3 or newer though as I always used Gimp or just Lightroom alone until now.
I feel like this offer is missing the boat. If it were for non CS3 owners I might care. As it is, this plan is useless to me.
what if I just joined Adobe CC and am in a 1 year contract for PS, can I change my plan to get the $9.99 deal for PS/LR?
I was just considering upgrading to LR5 so might do this instead and upgrade Photoshop too. 
I'm in the same boat as +Tim Johnson -- wondering when they'll include users who came in under CC to this offer. I'm paying $20/mo for PS CC, and just purchased standalone LR. I understand and appreciate throwing a bone to old customers, but after a year or so I'll expect to be included in the deal. 
They have created a package at a price to silence the most vocal. They say nothing about what they will do after the end of the year. They have done nothing for new photographers entering the profession, people that are not likely to already own any version of PS

If adobe had really listened to the complaints when they announced CC they would have created a package at a reasonable price with no entry barriers. 

This just smells like an exercise to silence the most vocal critics
Looks like the backlash actually hit a nerve at Adobe. It's a shame that this offer still does nothing to address the problem as I see it - it's not price, it's the never ending commitment that still puts me completely off this. My other long term commitment is a mortgage but at least I own something at the end of that.
I still don't like the idea of renting software with no long-term guarantee on price.
+Alexandra G. I think it's less that I'll sell it more that I can live in it for as long as I want without having to pay further for the privilege. 
I chose to continue creating with CS6 and not give Adobe a never ending blank check
Waiting to hear what the cost will be to Australian subscribers.
I just read the "fine print" and $9.99 is the entry price, that is if you bite the hook you'll most likely be locked in at that price. But after the December 31st 2013 cut-off date passes, who knows what the price will be, $19.99, $29.99? Seems like Adobe isn't listening at all, they're just fishing for as many users as possible with a smoke & mirrors deal that is likely to be the usual 1 year agreement @ $9.99.
Since when did software companies need to resort to the tactics of the big cable / cellular giants in order to make money? How about just give us a great product at a fair price and we'll gladly buy it. What a shame, Adobe's greed has blinded them to the needs of their customers.
I am also curious to hear how they deal with people who have a single app subscription on +Adobe Photoshop CC and bought the stand alone version of +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. Can we switch to the new plan? If yes, when can we switch? At the end of our subscription period? Would love to hear an answer on this from Adobe.

BTW: I like the new deal. :)
How does Adobe know if you have CS3 or newer?
from the adobe faq :Photoshop CC single-app members will be automatically transitioned to this new program, with its additional benefits and lower ongoing price (well done adobe).  Above this it does note you must have a CS3 or newer program.
Anyone have an old serial number that you won't be using for this offer? 
Had email from Adobe a couple of days ago about CC, and suggested UK price is about 46 pounds sterling. As usual, we in the UK get shafted.
The good thing about Adobe... If you ask why prices are so much higher in Norway the answer is "because we can". Guess that's kind of an honest answer. 
Clearly I must be the only person appalled at the notion of no longer purchasing something but perpetually renting it. P.T. Barnum was right, there's a sucker born every minute.
+Will Burns you're not the only person. I haven't lost my senses either. Welcome to the (rapidly shrinking) club!
I take my smile back.

+RC Concepcion I'm sorry I got into photography late.. I didn't spend $700 to get 12 features that aren't in Elements. As such, even though I have had Creative Cloud for coming up to a year now, I don't get this deal. And I don't get Lightroom because I refuse to spend $50 a month for two programs I use and 4-6 I will never even install. ( I am trying to find out if this is valid I have CS6 via creative cloud and I don't know if that counts I suspect it doesn't but could be wrong)

This seems like nothing more then an excuse to trick people into signing up.. and then they will jack up the price and say opps you either have to go back to paying $20 for Ps... and oh look you only have a retail copy of Lr 4.. and you can't get Lr 6 without Lr 5 now... so you have to buy the full copy...

Which results in Adobe picking up $120 from these people for the CC membership.. plus an extra 70 dollars for a Lr 6 Box.

This pricing structure Adobe has adopted in unrealistic still and shows a desire to milk it's clients because there isn't an alternative.. they have a monopoly and this is why monopolies are bad... and I really wish Corel would step up to the plate and take a serious swing. 
+Will Burns +Alex Ohannes Welcome to the new normal. SaaS isn't really comparable to renting unless if once every few weeks your apartment gains square footage, got a better view and had its appliances upgraded. 
+Will Burns The price for someone new to Photoshop isn't too bad if it was priced the same as a single app, allowing you to have both Lightroom and Photoshop CC.  (850 buy in price at 20 dollars a month) 

You'd have the service for 3 1/2 years before you started paying more. in fact you would make it to the 6 year mark (upgrades) before you started paying more... 

after that point in theory you'd have a web portfolio and photo storage, hopefully it will be of some value at that time to warrant the price. 

Of course that isn't the case you only get Photoshop, because Adobe is playing a shell game.. 

If you already own Photoshop then you get Ps and Lr for $9.99 that is $120 a year... which is actually less then an upgrade cycle. 

But you are right you are locked in at that point.. and that is what adobe wants.. you to pay more for over priced software. 
Fran G
I already have CS6 and Lightroom 5. This is still no deal for me.
Wow, $9.99 per month for LR & PS from anyone who purchased PS in the last 6 1/2 years is a great deal. Adobe listened and responded and should be commended as should the folks at NAPP as I'm sure they had some input into this also. Yes, I own CS6 and LR5 and yes I will now be upgrading by the end of the year as I have upgraded to every new version in the past. This isn't a 12 month intro deal this is the new price and is reasonable.
yeah, well, here in Italy no sign of this offer and the only options for CC are 24€/mo for a single app subscription or 64,9€ (!!!!) for the whole set. 9,99$ is an absolute bargain IMO! And yes, Adobe has de facto the monopoly of photo editing apps and they know it.
hey folks don t you think? if you step into the cloud payment system, from this point you have to pay. because if not you won t be able to get access to your creative work, your data. and keep in mind they make a nice price to get you in, but who sais that they keep this price that "low" in the following yeas. if you are in and your lightroom libary for example is huge you have to stay with them and you have to:

pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay
+Alexandra G.
 no you don t have access if you can t or if you don t wanna pay. now with the regular lightroom 5 i can buy it once and organice my libary all my creative data. thats it. with the could version i have to pay and pay and pay ...  to get access to my files, because if i don t pay the proram won t let me open the file. that has nothing to do with the cloud, means data on servers.
+Alexandra G.
come on in two years when adobe has implemented new processes in their producs you won t be able to open those files with the old cs6, cs6 won t be able even to understand those new processes.
 and thats why adobe is interessted in getting the people in their new pay system.
+Alexandra G.
i care today on what is going to be in two years. and yeah there are millions of people who still juse windows xp, they are still able to work with that and they are able to use programms who were written for win XP, so the world is still fine with them and that is how it should be. don t force the people trough payment systems. read a bit about monsanto, and read what happend to farmers who stuck to a permanent payment system of a company. i like to buy and pay for software but then i like to have my freedom with that. who guarantees, that the prize will stay at 10 dollar? if they could lower prizes they can as well raise them and then you stuck with that. just think about that and remember people who still use XP and that are a lot of companies...
+Alexandra G.
for example in lightroom. there are new features and processes in lightroom 5 i am not able to use in lightroom 4. so in terms of using that i am restrickted to the newest version. in two years there won t be a goin back to cs6 because the featues are not implemented in cs6. s
+Alexandra G.
no the point is not to give updates to the people that is the point of marketing and what they wanna make you believe. the point ist that they wanna bundle us to their products. it is a marketing strategy. in old cars you were able to repair them by yourself, today you arent able and even the lousy garrage next dorr isn t able to do it for you because the companies use special tool normal garages don t have or they don t have the licence to use. but in the end the point is us, if we don t complain and don t buy, they have to rethink.
Does any one know if for example I have CS5 and LR4 which I baught and downloaded in to my MacbookPro and I get the $9.99 deal (or 19.99 or 29.99 eventually) and lets say next year or the following I decide to cancell my subscription ........ will I still have CS5 and LR4 in my computer so I can use them or the cloud version will overwrite my existing versions ?  any ideas +Scott Kelby  or +RC Concepcion 
+Federico Aranda
i think you should be able to reinstall your CS5 and LR4, you bought the software fully and get the licence to use it whenever you want. but what is uncertain is if you would be still able to use the LR files you have in one year. propably not. so your creative work, which is in the prcessing part will be not available for you, until you pay again. and that is the point to look critically at.
+Alexandra G. It is actually very hard, you have to agree to a one year contract with penalties. 
Unsubing.. you said it is easy to hit cancel.. except if you do you have early termination fees.
do you here yourself? 

Month to month is an insane price... and isn't worth it on any level if you want it long term..

I realize you seem to be an Adobe cheerleader.. heck you may work for them.. but try to stay rational. 
Too bad I already joined Adobe CC and am paying 29.95 per month for using the same 3 apps. I do use Muse and Illustrator a little bit too, so I guess I'm getting my money's worth. But next year!!!
Month to month is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for something that you will not use on a daily basis (unless you literally use it on a daily basis).
Look at the renewal portion of the agreement. It says they can change the price if they want. Where is the promise of them not changing the price now? Typical bait and switch it seems to me. But maybe I am just being cynical.
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