This starts in 30 min!!!
A brand new year deserves a brand new splash screen—don't you think?! And I like it! Hahahaha!

Yes, it's time to start up the Playful Side of Pinterest again so that +Anna Nguyen +Jason Joseph +Roni Delmonico and I can hang out with everyone else (over chocolate of course) and talk about all the fun you can have with Pinterest!

This episode we'll get to talk with Roni, Jason and Anna about some of their own work on Pinterest and then some of the other photographers (that we all like and follow) as well. +Jason Joseph will continue with his new segment “Celebrities on Pinterest” and, of course, our Pin It or Spin It?! game! (Where for every unanimous “pin it”, by the panelist, we all get to eat chocolate! Think drinking game, only with chocolate. So bring some—chocolate that is—you'll need it!) LOL! There might even be prizes—you never know...

If you've been looking for awesome photographers and boards to follow—this is your show! We'll try and give you as many tips about Pinterest along the way as we can but if you have any specific questions please leave them here and we'll give them serious attention and serious answers!

Or...we'll snort laugh through the questions and then make up the answers but distract you with chocolate. Yeh, that's more like it. ;)

Hope you'll join us tomorrow night everyone!

Where? Right here on my G+ page! 

When? Tomorrow night (Thursday the 17th) at 7:30 p.m. E.T. 

Why? Because there will be chocolate. Geez, work with me people!

What should I wear? Spandex.

Do I have to bring chocolate? I'm going to pretend you didn't ask that.
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