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DtownTV Episode 127 : The End of Dtown
Check out our latest (and Final) episode of DtownTV.  After 127 episodes, we are finally sunsetting the Dtown podcast. 

Here's the thing: When +Scott Kelby and +Matt Kloskowski started the show, the focus was specifically on #Nikon  cameras.  As we kept doing the show, we noticed that we wanted to cover all sorts of things #photography   - so DTown just felt weird to have as a name. 

Starting September 27, 2012 - we will start a new kickoff of the show - now called...  _Photography Tips N Tricks_  (Photography TNT baby!! :) ) .  I'll tell you more about it as it gets closer!!!  You're gonna love it!
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Sad to see DTown go but on to the next adventure with the Photoshop  guys!
The King is dead, long live the King!  Looking forward to the new show.
I know it'll be pretty much the same show. But I've been watching Dtown for years now and well. Okay I got nothing to complain about. It's a free show. Can't wait for you guys to get back on air. Hoping the new set is Dynamite!
Just keep it coming! Doesn't matter what you call it or how the set looks; RC & Larry, Scott & Matt did a great job w/ Dtown, and I look forward to T N T. Kaboom!!!! scared me...It hasn't really canceled...IT EVOLVED!
 Glad to see a replacement waiting in the wings.. keep up the great work.
Been watching since day 1, and the last episode really had me freaked that it was ending completely. Looking forward to the new format to see what you've got!
Thanks for all the fantastic information. Looking forward to the next step. 
Got worried there for a minute, I love getting to watch D-Town! Excited for the new show though. Keep up the good work!
Looking forward to the new show, but please, PLEASE keep the old D-Town episodes available.  Loads of great info there, would hate to lose it!
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