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First Day of School
Im sure that there will come a time where she's going to rue this day.. but for now, she's very excited.  As we are for her.  Wanted to catch her first moment, and our friend Michelle had the great idea of holding up a sign for a quick shot.  4 years have just flown by...  
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Very cute, I like the sign idea.
Hope she has a great first day! :)
If you think that the last 4 years flew by, fasten your seat belt for the coming years !
My son is heading to school this year for the first time too so this image really hits home for me!
It feels like just last year that I followed my first born's bus to elementary school and waited on the sidewalk when she got off the bus.  She started high school last Monday.  
my kids are 25 tomorrow; it doesn't slow down
Sweet!  love the pose with how her feet are.  Hang in there and I remember that first send off.  She will come home with a lot of exciting stories about her day.
I tried together my son to pose for a first day of school picture.He said no way. He's 26 and 6'5" - he won:-(
So were you fighting back the tears? I know I was when I went through this with my kids, lol.
Great idea.  My cousin did the same thing when her daughter was born "Today I'm 2 months old" etc.  Never thought of doing it for school. My little one starts nursery school in a week, I'm going to borrow this idea.  Thanks
wow! four years!  Is she starting Kindergarten @ 4?  She has really grown fast. 
Totally dig the sign idea! I was trying to figure out what I was going to do this year. Plus with the clean background you could composite them in a few years. Great idea!!
Wow! +RC Concepcion , has it been that long? Seems like yesterday when I first heard of her birth. I guess following you guys all this time has just been so fun that time flew by. Hope she has a great first day of school.
A fun tradition. My nephew actually wore the same shirt every year for his 1st day of school picture. From Kindergarten to college. Luckily he stayed skinny enough to squeeze into it every year. This is the same kid who wore the same pair of jeans EVERY day of his senior year!  
The date on the sign is a little blurry. You might want to ask +Pete Collins  how to fix that!
+RC Concepcion , yes time certainly does fly by.  Before you know it you will be walking your lovely princess down the aisle!
You have GOT to use this at her graduation reception when she's a senior!  Right next to the "bathing baby in the kitchen sink" shot.  She'll love it!
Here's an idea RC, take a picture every year at the start of school.  When she graduates do a composite shot with them all lined up.  I wish I thought of that when my daughter was young.  I'll have to settle for pictures of her walking down the aisle in 10 days.  It goes by quick.
Too cute..and enjoy these day where you looking forward to school starting again because you just about had enough quality time with your teenager-..lo.
Great picture for memories RC. My youngest is starting school next week and he is so excited. I was wondering how long his excitement is going to last once he starts.

Very beautiful picture.
Hope you had a good first day little lady!
Cute! I've taken one of these shots every first day of school since kindergarten. In 2 weeks I shoot the first day of senior year of high school! Enjoy each moment, they do go fast! 
It was a long time ago for my kids first day but they had that anticipation and fear all at once. It well well for each of them and they turned out pretty good. I'm thinking things will be alright...good habits from the beginning!!!
Very cute. She looks ready to go back to school.
Your daughter is so cute!
nah...she needs to be holding a CAMERA!
Great looking kid you both have!
very cool =) Hope she stays excited about education for a lifetime =)
That was AwESOME!!  I soo have to do something like that!  I saw Enzo hanging his bookbag and was like "whoa.. does he like go around the WHOLE school?  That's like baby high school!!"  Thanks for that!
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