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Yosemite: Range of Light
Just saw this pop up in my social Stream on Twitter. This looks like an absolutely amazing tribute to this place... The stuff people are doing with timelapse is just sick!
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This is's what I'm so fortunate to see out my front door on most nights. I love my starts!
Thanks for sharing, +RC Concepcion. I'm fascinated with the time and attention to detail people invest in these timelapse videos. Amazing! So many of these frames would be fantastic on their own. Put them together and it's magical.
That really is beautiful work. Maybe this is another good topic for a KelbyTraining course. Would love to know the nuances that go into making something like this piece.
There's nothing wrong with mixing a dolly and a time lapse, but I think I prefer the stationary camera for this sort of thing.
yes, I so love that. It is amazing and the amount of time that it takes to do those is crazy.
Incredible Yosemite ! I got to put it down that it's a MUST TO VISIT before I leave America !! + Yellowstone Park.-))
Awesome! I especially like the section with the headlampe'd climbers on el cap.
This is mindblowing... tempts me to learn creating timelapse videos!
That was really great RC thanks for sharing.
Heading to Yosemite in May! Can't wait, I just love the big rocks and waterfalls....
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