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RC Concepcion hung out with 11 people.Jim Gilbert, Gilmar Smith, Timothy White, Enrique Vega, Kelly Burden, John Geliebter, Fred Ranger, Brian Knapp, Mark Rainer, Daniel Gregory, and Peter James Zielinski
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RC Concepcion was in a video call with 11 others
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I don't think RC knows what he is talking about :D
This is SO awesome! Good to see +RC Concepcion ..followed you on KelbyTraining. :) You've been a great help! Thank you!!
Is there a website for searching good abandoned photo ops based on city and/or state?
when you are shooting hdr sets are you just adjusting your time of the exposer our are you letting the camera brkt for you?
It's better to let the camera bracket the photos with you setting the exposure adjustment. The less amount of camera movement the better
+RC Concepcion "The HDR Book" is great. Learned a lot of things from his book on different styles and different methods. The great thing about the book is he uses three different programs in order to find the best look of the photos (#Photoshop, #HDRPro, #Photomatix)
Quick question: Does doing HDR work negates the use of filters (polarizers, ND etc) ?
Question +RC Concepcion My D5100 only does 3 brackets, I realize I can manually Bracket when the scene allows. When I'm in the postion where I have to use 3 shots what do you suggest I bracket at 1 or 2 stops difference ?
I have the same problem, have the D5000. There are two ways that I know of. One is using a product called Promote Control. +Brian Matiash suggested this, the expensive option. Other option would be taking 3 brackets at a certain exposure, then raising it up to take another 3 shots at a higher exposure. Haven't been able to try this and not an expert but you would end up with -3,-2,-1,0,1,2 and so on...
Great hangout RC. It was awesome to see how you process your HDR shots...
+RC Concepcion Thank You for the bracketing advice and especially making this live. I and others really appreciate it
Thanks again, RC ... very informative. Hope to see you in DC at Photoshop World! :)
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