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Thank You For An Amazing Worldwide Photo Walk Experience!
Today I've been glued to the computer monitoring all of the social media streams for the +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk I took a break with +Jenn Concepcion in the AM and even when getting a bagel, Sabine and I were able to do some hangouts with walkers around the world.

All of you posting here , on the main page, and at the event page ( ) have made this the coolest community experience for me and for thousands of others online. For that, I thank you most sincerely!!

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It was a lot of fun today RC thank you . 
Thank you and everyone else that made this such a great Photo walk!
Our walk was cancel here in Grand Rapids really bad weather, but hey  next year is just around the corner 
This was the best year yet for Ulsan. Som many great people came out.
Oh man.. totally want to see those!  I was born and raised in the Bronx.  Johnny's Reef in City Island was my dad's favorite splurge place to take us on vacation!  Next time im in NY with some time and transport I sooo want to go there!! That just made me so nostalgic and homesick!
Namasté to all...thank you for a wonderful experience from deep heart of Texas, East Austin Texas Walkers, USA.
Elliott Glick of the Starving Artist Cafe gave us a tour of the "hidden City Island." ) Got to see more of the island today. Like many who visit, I have mostly remained on the main avenue that leads to Johnny's Reef and Sammy's. City Island is more diverse now.
Ahhh yes, City Island. Where our parents would take us when they wanted good seafood or on special occasions
Exactly!!! Birthdays and Graduations go there.. :)
Was a great day for sure +RC Concepcion; pity about the 3G connection over here and not being able to 'Hangout' whilst we were in Oxford but thanks for trying mate. Hats off to you for a great job!
Muy natural y un ambiente de mucha buena energía, felicitaciones.....
Hi Sweet Little Girl: best wishes for your future -- go forth and love life!
Thank you +Kathy Porupski, we missed you also. I know you understand our circumstances better than most. Next time though to quote a very wise man, it's on like Donkey Kong!
hi sweet little girl...My best wishes for ur become bright future.
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