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Trying to Make a Google+ Photo Walk Circle for Chinatown
This is a picture of some of the people that came on the photo walk at the +Google+ Photographer's Conference in Chinatown. If you came to the walk, or know someone who did, please make sure that you add yourself here by commenting. I can then put you in a circle. Thanks!
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+RC Concepcion is there a hashtag for your walk? For ours with Trey it's #gpluspctr I'd love to see more from the other walks too.
Man that looks like so much fun. I hope the next conference is on an open weekend for me.
What an awesome group ~ and how fun that must have been.
It's been great to see the fantastic pictures coming from this group, hoping I can join in the fun next year.
Thanks +RC Concepcion for a great learning experience! The Lady in the Flower Shop HDR was my favorite. You went from "will she let you take the pix?" to "come join us for music and dancing!!
I was. But +Daniel Gregory and I were late, so we missed the picture. Flight was delayed due to fog. 
that's odd I heard someone else say that but I didn't see any fog all day
I was there too, but just too late for the photo. A Muni malfunction had me stuck under Market Street. Still, it was a fantastic afternoon and I learned a lot about being inconspicuous with a tripod. Thanks RC!
Hello RC,
I was there and thoroughly enjoyed it and the entire Google+ Conference. Thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing you @ Photoshop World in Las Vegas
I was there... um, I'm the black guy, in black. Can't miss me.
Tagged a few more people, then encountered "Oops... an error has occurred." Oh well. That was a really fun walk.
Just got tagged and saw this. Thanks again for a fun time RC! 
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