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Taping Photoshop User TV Episode 300
300 episodes... who wouldve thought. We are so incredibly grateful to all of you that watch and hang, and do stuff with the pointy and choppy.. We'll be taping the episode live at 11am EST today. If you'd like to watch, stop on in: - you can leave comments for the show here though :)
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sweet congrats! Ill be tuning in, see you all in two days!
Awesome. That's a great milestone!
Tell me you got a cool pix of the tricaster exploding!
300! I've been with u guys since ep 103-104; I hope you guys will be here for another 300. One day your daughter will take over the weather station haha, and my son will be watching for tips and advise
Dave Cross with hair! Awesome
This was my first live show i watched. really good.
Man! You guys should really start posting a "GMT" time also ;-)
Great show, keep it up. One comment, a 720p version would be great. I watch mine on my 55in HD TV.
Oh sure one more I'll have to wait for! I'm never home for any of the live stuff...I'm throwing a tantrum now so leave me alone for a few minutes!!
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