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Charlotte: NC - Photoshop for Photographers Tour
Im sitting here with +Scott Kelby in new york city taking in his tour stop after a day of playing in the city.  Im excited to say that I will be doing this tour down in Charlotte, NC on August 14. 

Are you in #charlotte #NC and are into #Photography or #Photoshop ?  This tour we'll spend it covering tips and tricks to get you to spend less time in Photoshop by learning some of the best techniques out there.  Take a look at the video.  If you're out that way.. i'd love to hang out.. maybe we can all go to dinner the night before or something.. :) Register here!
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I'm 1.5 hours from Charlotte NC
finally something closer to me... ♥
I just shared your post with my Google first anniversary photo walk circle
Oooh boy........gotta check my schedule, but I think I might actually be available!  Fingers crossed!
When will you know if you are planning a photo walk or dinner? I'll need to find a hotel where the photo walk will be. Excited!!! Thanks. 
I have to sit down and see if I an come up with a photo walk area around there... Don't really know much of the area... But I think it could be cool...
even if unable to make the class would love the opportunity to walk with you...
Will there be a similar video tutorial available for those unable to attend?
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