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Signal and Noise: A Great Photography Lesson
Today at +Scott Kelby  blog  , +Zack Arias  drops another gem of a short talking about signal and noise in #photography    .  Earlier last year, Zack had buried a thorn in my brain I have yet to let go - evolving into some wonderful discoveries for myself.  Its his candor and willingness to be an artist that does this 

With moments just like this.  Great job man.  
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Beautiful.  Zack kills it every time he puts out a video.  This one and Transform just bleed with passion.
Nice line of thought he has to give to others. Well worth watching if you have seen it.
That was one of the very coolest video short that I have seen in a long time. 
mik nei
that was pretty awesome. and a huge part of it was the super clean sound design. very nice. 
+Zack Arias You are the freakin' signal Zack!!! Once again great job!!! Your a master at conveying exactly how I feel at times!!!
What we all need in everything we do in everyday life, more signal and way less noise.
I'm twice Zacks age & continue to be amazed at his beauty and message
I remember seeing this video last year, and ever since then I've often been reminded of it. It has a very powerful message. Great video.
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