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This is Geek Heaven
Just got out of an awesome session at the #gpluspc and came up for some meetings and a little nosh.

Um. Needless to say I'm not eating a lot. Glasses are amazing
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what do they do? what did you try out??
I am Locutus of Borg, resistance is futile.
Google really need to release at least a test video of it...
But then again.. I WANT!! NOW!! :D
Nosh? You're showing your NYC roots there, RC :-). Great panel discussion btw. Wish I could be there in person. Maybe next year.
Um...jealous! I wanna see the google glasses in operation!
Lol +Kreg Steppe , I have been hearing that question more and more. It's as if all these Googlers testing out Glass are just walking around with a non working device on their heads. Of course its functional, of course its not vapor ware. Why dogfood/trial a device that is not functional?
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