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Portlandia - Yes Its True
My buddy Brad Moore told me about a show called "Portlandia" - that when I saw it .. it just made me laugh maniacally ... I laughed because it's true..

.. So incredibly, positively, absurdidly, infuriatingly, fiendishly true. I remember coming back and just kinda scratching my head.. lol
Big ups to +Ryan Turner for reminding me of it!
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HAHA love that scene. I can't for the life of me figure out that show though. It seems so hit or miss. This...was one of the hits.
That episode captured above was hilarious. Of course, I grew up in Portland so...
How big is the area that the chicken is allowed to run free... I just crack myself up alone..
+RC Concepcion Agree, this captures sentiment pretty accurately ... maybe minus the part where the they join the cult :). The show intro is a pretty good summary ... "where young people go to retire" :)
lol! A dossier on the chicken ? ........
Oh and One Moore Episode is way to accurate for pretty much any show on DVD that gets you hooked.
This is one of my favorite skits of all time. Love seeing it again. Check out the bike messenger skit if you get a chance +RC Concepcion .
Favorite line is him screaming "WHOLE FOODS IS CORPORATE" as he rides by. Thanks for the chuckle this evening :)
This is hands down my favorite sketch from Portlandia.
+Brian Matiash Did you hear how this started. On my flight back from San Francisco, I sat next to the guy that created "Put a bird on it". So surreal, since I only know that phrase from the show.
I was just telling my sister about "Put a bird on it" today! +Ryan Turner how exactly did that come up in conversation on the plane?
Hmm, well we can't see it here in Malaysia. Must be only for viewing in the US like Hulu. Too bad, you gave it such a build up I was looking forward to watching it.
wish I would see it, says uploader has not made this video available in your country, what the?
When I travel to other parts of the country, everyone's tip questions are always "you've seen Portlandia, right?" followed by "is it true". My response usually involves a sigh... and a yes. 
Like others,not available in Canada, Too Bad, Hulk sad!
I found some on some on Youtube.

Thanks a lot +RC Concepcion. Spent hours last night and today watching one more episode. Really funny, enjoyed it.
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