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My Submission to the Plus One Project
I had thought about it for a bit, and finally settled on this being one of my favorite shots of 2012 - enough to submit it for consideration to the  +Ivan Makarov  #plusonecollection2012  . 

A New Yorker at heart (transplanted to FL), I am completely in love with making pictures of the city.  While out at an event last year, I looked at this skyline and thought how the dichotomy of old and new was so interesting on so many levels - ornate vs. sleek, warm vs. cool, short vs. tall.  I remember staring at the scene and just falling in love with it.   This is one of those prints i'd really love to do a 30x40 Imagewizards print of it.  
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This is awesome RC.  We're heading to the City in June.  Can't wait to experience a whole week there.
Wow...Super awesome image! 
I really like this one RC, I love the color tones.
Very nice RC!  During this week's blind critique, a comment that was made several times was, "Nice image, but don't put it in your portfolio".  I believe you posted a while ago, a conversation between you and Zack Arias.  He talked about taking his portfolio to an art director in New York and what that experience was like.  What a portfolio should look like might be an excellent topic for a future episode of "The Grid".
wow !! it is looking like a different world
really great RC!!! You're right...I don't think I've ever seen one like this where the old and new are shown together. Terrific shot!!! Thanks for sharing!!
This is going to sound super nerdy, but it looks like gotham city from the Nolan Batman universe. Big city skyscrapers in the background (There's even a building with a big "W" on the top - maybe Wayne Tower) and in the foreground you have the narrows with lots of compact apartments.
Stunning photo +RC Concepcion, but one thing is bugging me is the blue lights at the top of the building feels out of place the blue patch of solid color of light now I'm not sure if that's deliberate but otherwise amazing better than what I could ever pull off

I do love it otherwise :) mind you I'm not a pro not even a semi pro but that's just a thing in my opinion and I know I should keep them to myself but yeah thought ill mention it :) I love your work :)
great choice for a great project, rc!
Love the blend of foreground streets. Thank you for sharing!
Great image!
Craig, just FYI - New York was nicknamed Gotham and Metropolis in the 1920's and 1930's. the creators of both knew perfectly well that they were placing Batman and Superman in a fictional New York in their comics. So your comment is 100% accurate!
OMG I absolutely love this photo!!! What building is this shot from?
I have to get an address.. this was on the west side somewhere... a restaurant.  Must send to +Jarek Klimek at some point too
What a great image! The atmosphere is amazing! 
Also when are you coming back!? We need to actually meet up :)
Great shot RC. Love the lights and the contrast between buildings in the foreground and skyscrapers. Beautiful!
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