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LOVED the Olloclip on my Photo Walk
I spent a good time during my +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk hosting a virtual photo walk as well as responding to the thousonds out there that were taking part.  At one point, I was just like "That's it.. im just using my phone."  

My buddy +Kari Sheppard had the #olloclip ( )  with her.  I spent the entire walk borrowing from her, as I absolutely loved what I was doing with having a macro, wide, and fisheye on my phone.  I enjoyed it waaaay more than i thought I would.. and am putting it in my arsenal. 

And so will you.  I'm giving away one of these to you,  Share and leave a comment and I'll pick 1 person tomorrow morning.  Tell your friends.  
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I've been wanting to get one of these.  Just haven't done it yet. What was your favorite lens from the set?  
Nice....I'm using my iPhone camera more and more. Thanks.
A friend of mine has this, pretty cool, just note that you cant use a case and these lens simultaneously, a huge turn off for many
this is on my christmas list to get for myself.  It looks so awesome. 
I have wanted one since they came out! 
I'm interested in this to see what it would be like..
Ken Z
Hey +RC Concepcion -- I have been looking at these for a bit now, wondering if I should get one...would be too cool to win one ;)

Looking forward to seeing any photos that you will post from these clip ons....
How was the quality +RC Concepcion? I'm assuming it couldn't have been terrible if you're recommending it. I would enter for it, but already upgraded to the iPhone 5 so I guess I'm waiting...
So cool. There are so many instances when I don't want to haul all my photo gear around, This would be perfect just in my purse ready to clip on when I feel like expeierimenting and making better than the average pics with the phone I have to carry anyway
i love it had one and it was stolen :(
Looks cool and my iPhone is probably going to be my most used camera for a while so a lens set would be sweet. 
I remember seeing some of the video clips and sample images when these came out, very cool. 
I heard great things about this lens. I hope I win one tomorrow. 
This looks fun. Hope to win one tomorrow.
I've been looking for something like that for my iPhone.  That's COOL!
Amazing what wicked minds are out there. Genius. 
I have one but hate having to take off the iPhone case to use it. I wish iPhones didn't practically require cases to protect them.
go ahead ... make my day!
I've so been craving one of these.
I haven't seen these yet...would love to have one to try out though. Thanks for sharing +RC Concepcion.
A new toy for my iPhone. It would love to see the world thru a new view.
Sweet... been looking hard at adding a lens to my iPhone.
Dude, these can't come for the iPhone 5 soon enough. I saw them in Moser's office last week. Awesomeness.
Ted Orr
Wicked cool. Thanks RC.
That's three more lenses I can add to my collection! I guess I will have to check it out.
This would be so awesome! I am always unsatisfied with my iphone camera and I never have my actual camera during one of those perfect photo moments.
+RC Concepcion this would definitely keep me out of the dog-house with my wife when she gives me grief about not always having my camera with me!!!
Surprised that I have not seen more of these with the quality of smart phones today. No one wants to carry an extra camera unless their a photographer.
I live photography, I take a least 1 photo a day. I love Cameras 
You should post some of the results. Love to see.
I've been looking to add this to my iPhone for shooting for quite a while now.  Thanks for the opportunity +RC Concepcion .
Santa could come early.... just saying! :-)
My most shared image from #wwpw  was my last shot of the day and one I took with my iPhone (go figure).  I'm continually amazed at the stunning mobile images I see these days.
Been wanting one for a long time! I shoot with my phone more than my dslr. Would be a great pick up for me!
This would be great...been going to a lot of concerts lately.
Was sounding good until I saw the price in the UK, nah maybe not!
That looks sweet! Cant wait til the iPhone 5 version comes out.
I have a friend that has this and he says its awesome. I would love to have one!
just saw someone using this the other day but didn't have time to ask an opinion. Thanks.

Hope this isn't a duplicate comment - still new to Google+. Love your spirit and enthusiasm - met you at Photoshop world - you light up the room. Great photowalk in Oakville Ontario.
My buddy Jakob Santos has one of these and was talking about how cool it is- does it work with the iphone5?
The Reno walk was a lot fun. Would be even better with an Olloclip! 
Very cool, would love to get this.
That's a very cool idea. I'm suddenly a little happier that I haven't gone to the 5 yet. =-) The macro lens is particularly appealing...
Would like to enter comp to win this for my husband as he'd love it!! 
What a cool stuff!! I imagine how fun u were in the walk with that toy!! Obviously very interested to have a piece o that fun!! 
I read up on these a few months ago and was thinking about getting one. I love using my phone as a camera and have an app with FishEye but am curious of these little lenses!
Have not seen those here in Mexico. :(
Pretty much the same experience as you. Borrowed it for a weekend from a friend & fell in love with it. Especially the Fish Eye & Macro features. Would LOVE to have one. :)
I too enjoy taking photos :) my favorites are churches that are over 100 years old. I think back to those people that built it, prayed there, sang there, married there and spoke out to God there about their dreams / hopes. Those buildings speak to me when I get close to them :)

Lake of the Ozarks Mo
I have been contemplating this for a while, good luck to me!!!
What brilliant idea! Love how it flips around.
First heard about these type of adapters during the Olympics this summer when a British photographer with the Guardian posted some images he'd taken with his iPhone. They were amazing and would love to try one.
That's great!  i'm addicted to taking photos everyware I go.  
Another toy for me to play with. Yeah!!!!
its all fun and games until someone gets a photo of it!!
Would love to try that out. I've been meaning to look into lenses for the iPhone - now if I can win won for free, that'd be swell! 
that looks allsome i got to get off in a few peers of the nations
Very cool! Nice and compact too! I'd love to try one!
Getting ready to upgrade to iPhone 5! I would love one of these!
This could replace my "pocket" camera.  I'll have to buy one!
I have banned my iPhone so many times for not being good enough for macro photos. One of these would help. 
This would be so sweet to take pictures daily in different places/ scenarios at one time, consecutively, for 365 days!!! How the images would turn out beautifully! This looks so fantastic! I'd absolutely love one...
That looks like sooooooo much fun! Would love to give one a whirl.
that is sooo cool!!!! I WISH I HAD THAT!!!
Looks interesting. I have an OWLY-Bubo contraption which fits round my iPhone, but it makes it very heavy. Is this light to use? 
Had a quick play with one of these and the macro lens was awesome.  Would love one for my kit!
Looks interesting, but does it really work ? it would be nice at times to have just a little device like this instead of carrying a camera with attachements
Leo T
I'm fascinated with pictures taken with a fisheye lens.  They lend an air of mystery to the photograph, not completely revealing everything about it but still giving you an interesting perspective! I have an old Sony point-and-shoot camera that has fisheye post-processing mode on it that I've played around with.  It's fun but not nearly as good as what I see online.  Besides, I can't walk around with an iPhone AND and digital camera in my pockets LOL!

I'd love to be the proud new owner of #olloclip for my iPhone ☺
I'm an iPhone photographer, and have always wanted an Olloclip. Please pick me ;))
That is very cool. I would love to try one out.
I've been saving up for one...such a cool addition to the iPhone camera!
Cool gadget and even cooler idea!
I'll try my luck...
I walked on Saturday and one of our group, Margaret, had one. Her son worked on the design. What a great tool-- I'd love one!!!
Just had a baby girl and have been loving using my iPhone to take pics!!!
bought one the other day
very cool! cant wait for the iphone 5 adapter to come out!
I think this is awesome.  I did not know the made such a thing until I saw your post.  I will have to try and find one to order!  Thanks for sharing.
Max F
Sweet!!... Pick me, pick me!!! :)
I have read many good reviews on the Olloclip. It's so awesome that you can have three different lenses in such a small package and it attaches so easily to your IPhone . I would absolutely love to have one!!!
What great tool to have! Would love to give it a whirl.
What a great idea, wish they sold one for my phone.
This thing looks so cool! I am dying to try one!
I would love one of these!  Like they say, the best camera is the one you have with you.  And my phone's ALWAYS with me.  Would be great to have this, too!
Why not buy a real camera...
Funny, just this morning I was thinking to myself if I had one of these, combined with my new iPhone 5 I could just toss the point & shoot for good.  I'm ready!
Love my olloclip - particularly the macro lens.
I haven't seen this one yet! I like that its easily removable!
These look like a whole lotta fun!
Omg that would be so cool to use for my iPhone :D
Perfect gift for my wife's birthday !!
This looks like a really cool way to utilize the camera.
Would love to add this to my arsenal as well!
thats is awesme
Mary C
Would love to try one of these!
This is so cool. I want one. I winder if they make it to fit a RAZR Maxx
Love this idea.  I've been keeping an eye on the Ollo-clip since it came out. I'd love to be a part of this!
This would make an awesome gift for my husband! 
One of my buddies has one of these. He gets some incredible photos with them. Would love to be considered to be the prizewinner! :-)
Cool idea very interested. 
These are very cool.  There are some good reviews out there with examples of photo's taken.
My girlfriend works at the Philadelphia Zoo and asked for one of these for her birthday in a month. After seeing the awesome work that my friends have done with the Olloclip, I can't wait to see what she'll capture at work!
I would love to be able to use this on my iphone
Thank you for sharing your experience with the #olloclip. I can definitely see how useful it could be during my business trips.
Just buy a real camera !!!!
This would be the perfect accessories for my new 4S :o)  
Renan A
I didn't know they had this! 
Cool!  I've seen other iPhone lens adapters, but nothing like this one.
Would very much appreciate having one!!! 
pick me pick me pick me pick meeeeeeee!!!!!
Sir Tee
that is very cool would i would  love to surprise my wife with that she would really enjoy it!
what a great idea this sort of thing would be perfect for the days when my arm is to weak to hold my camera up  i cant go shooting when its bad as its just to heavy i have a tripod but still need to be able to hold the weight of it while putting it on and i have dropped it a few times so now i dont try as i woudnt be able to replace it if it broke so this idea would solve that problem 
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Sounds great, what's the best app for iPhone camera these days? I used camera+ but it's getting to slow to load, whic is The one that is faster to load? 
Neat, RC. I'd love to give this a try. Thanks, even if you pick someone else. :-)
Cool little device! Thanks for the giveaway!
I would love to have an olloclip, Looks amazing! Love taking photos :)
I keep telling people that it doesn't matter what type of camera you have.  It's the person behind the camera that makes a photo.  People always tell me, "I can't join the photography club, I don't have a fancy camera!"  I keep telling them it doesn't matter, even an iPhone would work.  

Thanks for giving this away - it looks cool!
COOOOOL but I think +Mark Wilson should totally win this.  +Drink and Click™ ATX ran into him on a photowalk one day and recruited him to G+ and has been a dear friend ever since.  Except he's been traveling too much to come play with us and we need to see more of his pictures.   

And well if he wins that means he could bring it with him one day and let me borrow the olloclip :P
Had a great time on the WWPW - St. Charles, MO as always.  This was my 5th year doing the walks.  Would love to win this and try it out.  Thanks for all you do to put this organized walk together each year.
I need to see of there's one out there for my Android phone
Yay for birthdays I hinted and hubby got one for me. Oh my am I impressed!!!!!!
With the olloclip my husband is always that good to me
Can I have one  :-0 !!!!  GREAT work RC!!!! HAppy NEW YEAR!
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