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A Photo Walk Stream Test from Ybor
While we were getting ready for the +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk   over the weekend, my producer +Erik Kuna  said "Hey!  +Brandon Ford    I had a cool idea.  What if we test a multi cam setup inside of a Google Hangout and streamed a walk from different perspectives on air!

Ran into a snags.  First - the Hangout On Air could be started on a computer, but iPhones couldnt join it (only Android). Undeterred, we just set it up as a regular hangout and streamed it to our websites.  We then captured it sent it then to youtube.   A big thanks to the participants for hanging out! Special shout to +Timothy Anderson  - a disabled veteran.  So proud we were able to have you with us. Thanks for your service!!!
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Thought this was a decent enough test to see if the concept work.  Hopefully this could be something we could try more of.. :)
I'm thinking about trying to run a hangout while I run a +Tough Mudder next April. It'd be interesting to see if I could keep it going while running through the obstacles. 
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