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Lightroom Magazine Available Now
If you are into #Photography  , own an #Ipad  , and use #Adobe   #Lightroom  - you should go to the itunes store and check out our newest magazine Lightroom - The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom News Magazine.  You can download a free issue, AND already get the second issue.  This is issue 2 - where my pic is on the cover (kinda excited about that)  I also have one of my fav pics of 2012 in there of my time in Jade Mountain as I talk about DNG.  

Make sure you check it out and download the first issue today! _(keep in mind, its got embedded video, so be on wifi)  
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Yes, it is only available for the ipad.  We are in the process of working on an Android version, and I am totally cool with giving you an update on the process of it.  

In an effort to keep the conversation focused on the magazine, and not a platform war, consider this to be a friendly note to let you know any platform conversations will prob be removed.  :)
Good luck on this new mag RC. Is it safe to assume you are the Editor-in-Chief for this one too?
OK.. Android cleanup happening in 3...2.. 1.. 
That is great news, R.C.  I would love to be able to see it one day.  And now that we know that your image is the cover image, the longing has only increased.
Cool news, +RC Concepcion , I'll have to check it out.

On a related note, what is the preferred method for filing a bug report on the Light It app for iOS? It seems routinely to become confused and, as a result, delete all downloaded content.
Cool! I am about to download it now and check it out...
I've really been looking forward to this... but man, I wish it was on Android.  My Phone is far faster than my iPad.  :-( 
Is this going to be like Light it Magazine where you can pay for an annual subscription +RC Concepcion
Don't think so +Otto Mendez as it doesn't install in the Mag bookshelf but installs just like a normal app...that's what I am wondering too as a single issue is 4.99 and how often will it come out?
+Otto Mendez as I believe, this is not in newsstand because it wont have subscriptions.  Every time something new comes out it will be avail here.. but it wont have subscribers. 

+Randy Pollock I think that they are in the process of seeing how often we want this to come out..  hence not going the newsstand route. 
No wonder I was reinstalling trying to get it in my newstand next to light it and couldn't figure it why... LOL
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