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RC Concepcion
Works at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals as one of Scott Kelby’s “The Photoshop Guys” and is the host of DTownTV: The Show for DSLR Shooters. He is the author of the bestselling books “Get Your Photography on the Web” and “The HDR Book”. An award winning Photographer and Photoshop expert, RC spends his days making podcasts, courses, and articles to help people in Photoshop, Photography, and inspiring them to get on the web. For more on what RC does, visit
Attended State University of New York at Plattsburgh
Lived in Bronx, NY
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RC Concepcion

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Talking about The HDR Book on The Grid
+Scott Kelby just asked me to come on The Grid to talk about The HDR book - tune in live in 20 min. 4PMET at
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I'm really in the mode for this.
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RC Concepcion

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HDR | Nelson, Nevada
In keeping with the #HDR     #Photography   work for this week (my new book is out.  Please consider getting it here: ) I wanted to post a detail shot I did when I was out in Nelson, Nevada this past year.  HDR works great for small items as a lot of the details and tonality can really pop out.  Enjoy!!
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RC Concepcion

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Great First Day for The HDR Book
Just wanted to thank everyone for getting The #HDR  Book of to a great first day! Totally appreciated.  If you havent already considered it- head on over to Amazon and check it out! 
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RC Concepcion

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Heads up: I just saw that the hugely updated edition of RC Concepcion's hit book, "The HDR Book" is now in stock at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I brought my copy home to read last week and I gotta tell you --- he totally rocked it! RC wrote a blog post about it today -- if you've got a sec, here's the link:
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I will be glad when mine gets here. I now it will be another awesome book,;)
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The New Twitter Profile Page
Have you guys seen the new #Twitter  profile page? I really like the look - does reming me a lot of Google+ .  Added a profile header of a picture I did in St. Lucia at Jade Mountain.  Click on it big... 3000px Wide!!

Figured hey.. twitter update and   #Earthday   in one shot.   #mybeautifulearth  
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Gorgeous RC
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RC Concepcion

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Working Outside

It's absolutely beautiful outside today so I'm on the deck (along with Peaches) where I'm working on my review of +RC Concepcion's new HDR book. I was super lucky to get a preview of the HDR book (second edition) last week before it was available and RC absolutely killed it. 

If you don't want to wait for my full review that's totally cool. It's available on now so you can get your copy here:

If you're into HDR photography this new book is a great resource and it's packed with some incredible images. So go buy your copy now and later tonight you can read my full review while you're waiting for your copy to arrive.
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Have him in circles
1,052,117 people
Thanks for the review +Monico Havier - much appreciated!
The HDR Book (Second Edition)  |  Full Review on Sony Alpha Lab

During my visit to Tampa I was lucky to get a preview of +RC Concepcion's new HDR Book. He had three brand new copies on his desk ahead of the official release and it was really cool to see something before most people could. A few days ago I wrapped up my personal review of RC's new book and now it's up on Sony Alpha Lab.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of RC's work but when I review anything I set friendships aside and just focus on what's in front of me. This book really delivers the goods and I'm happy I could give it a very positive review.

You can check my full review out here:
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RC Concepcion

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I have a great team behind me in working with The HDR Book.  Thanks so much to +Scott Kelby +Peachpit  and everyone involved.  A great day!  Can check it here:
+RC Concepcion's new book is on fire! Right now his just-released 2nd edition of "The HDR Book" is the 675th bestselling book of ALL books on

Congrats RC -- you totally crushed it on this new edition. Here's the link to the book on Amazon:
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+RC Concepcion I just ordered it through but it is not available here in Germany yet.  Maybe the next time you visit Germany we can finally hook up since we missed each other last time...and you can autograph my book.  I almost ordered the Kindle edition, but I do not want my tablet  Looking forward to reading and learning.
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How to Change Your Twitter Profile Page
This is a shot of the #Twitter  profile page with the new banner pic.  Want to learn how to change it?  Check out this link here:
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Not only the header can be changed, but the background can as well. The setting for the background can be found in the settings page. then click Design. This new background can be seen on the home page.

The thing I haven't figured out is how to set the page the public sees. Take a look at Scott's page then take a look at Terry whites page. Yours looks like Terry's and everyone else on your team looks like Scott's (different picture's but same landing page)
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The HDR Book is in Stock!!!!
Oh Happy Day!!!  The book that i’ve been working- The HDR Book 2nd Edition  on is finally in stock and available to order! This has been a labor of love for me, and I am very thankful that the folks over at #Peachpit   for jumping in back with me on another run into the world of #HDR.  The first book did extremely well – but (as with anything software related) software changes, photoshop changes, technique changes.

I figured this would be a good spot for me to give you a couple of points on this book for those who may be considering it.  For those of you who have the first edition – I wanted to share how this book could also help:
A Step By Step Process in My HDR Workflow
This book takes you through a series of images and shows you how I come up with the HDR look that I love.  We explore ten different projects and take you through step by step until the project is completed.
You Can Download the Files for Yourself
All of the projects in the book are yours for you to download.  From single image HDR files to HDR Panoramics.  You can download the full resolution RAW files for you to work along with me.  You are free to do whatever you wish with these files.  I would appreciate you telling someone where you got them – perhaps theyd want to learn from the book too!
HDR is Not Hard.  Post Processing is the Pain
This book does cover the process of making an HDR file – but I got to be honest.  Making an HDR file is easy.  There are a couple of things you need to consider – but its really easy.  The harder part of all of it is really how to post process the file.  With the post processing skills you can take an HDR file and turn it into a great HDR file.
Using Photoshop CC and Photomatix 5
One of the things that I wanted to do in the book is focus on just the programs that I use to make images.  In the first version, I covered all three pieces of software – HDR Efex Pro, HDR Pro from Photoshop, and Photomatix.  As these pieces of software were revised, i found myself gravitating towards the look of #Photomatix   .  So much so – that its what I decided to cover in the book.  Photomatix is the software almost everyong using HDR uses – so we can really make this a more focused release.  The book does also use post processing plugins from people like +Nik Photography   and the companion website features videos on how to take it to the next level using plugins from +onone and +Macphun Software  .
Where to Order the Book From?

The book is now in stock available at Amazon. You can use this link:  

You can get a signed copy of the book. (While supplies last) here:

You can also get the book over on the Peachpit website here:

I’m excited to hear what you think of it.  Make sure you drop me a line and let me know.    Thanks so much for considering it!!
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Got it from Amazon (Kelby int'l shipping rates are crazy..!), thank you and can't wait!
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Photographer, Content Developer
  • the National Association of Photoshop Professionals as one of Scott Kelby’s “The Photoshop Guys” and is the host of DTownTV: The Show for DSLR Shooters. He is the author of the bestselling books “Get Your Photography on the Web” and “The HDR Book”. An award winning Photographer and Photoshop expert, RC spends his days making podcasts, courses, and articles to help people in Photoshop, Photography, and inspiring them to get on the web. For more on what RC does, visit
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Bronx, NY - Plattsburgh, NY - Burlington, VT - New Windsor, NY - Fishkill, NY - Sunnyvale, CA - Jena, Germany - Huntington, NY - Port Jeff, NY - Tampa, FL
Dtown TV Host, and one of The Photoshop Guys

Rafael Concepcion (RC) is the author of the bestselling book “Get Your Photography on the Web” a step by step book for photographers looking to develop their own websites without code, and "The HDR Book -  Unlocking the Pro's Hottest Post-Processing Techniques" by Peachpit Press. 

As an Education & Curriculum developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and an Instructor for Kelby Training, RC spends his day working on Photography, Photoshop, and how to get users onto the web.   RC is also one of The Photoshop Guys. and the host of DTownTV.

An Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom, RC has over 10 years in the I.T. and ecommerce industries and spends his days developing content for all applications in the Adobe Creative Suite. RC has held training seminars in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, and recently combined his photographic and web experience to teach with famed wildlife photographer Moose Peterson at the “You Can Do It Too” workshops in Mammoth, CA, The Digital Landscape Workshop Series, and at the Voices That Matter Web Conference in San Francisco, CA. RC is also a columnist for Photoshop User Magazine and Light It magazine. 

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Have sold out books on - Twice! Woohoo! Thanks to all of you guys!
  • State University of New York at Plattsburgh
    Secondary Ed English
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