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Trudy E. Bell
'The 1913 flood was the U.S.'s most widespread natural disaster and transformed parts of society - yet how could something that big be so utterly forgotten?'
'The 1913 flood was the U.S.'s most widespread natural disaster and transformed parts of society - yet how could something that big be so utterly forgotten?'

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1913's Wild Weather
The unprecedented Great Easter Flood
was only the beginning of a year of meteorological extremes. July 1913 brought
the hottest recorded temperature on Earth—still the record—in Death Valley, and
November a bizarre “white hurricane” in the Great Lakes. And,...

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Happy Centennial Year + 4!
Happy New Year 2017 and thanks to all readers of this research
blog! 100,000 views and counting, plus the annual subject index to posts
about the nation's nearly forgotten most widespread natural disaster Over
past four-plus years since “'Our Nationa...

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Great Easter 1913 Disaster Library
As a gift on the fourth anniversary of this research blog, here in one place is a library of some three dozen books and half a dozen documentary films on the nation's most widespread natural disaster beginning Easter weekend 1913. Part of the
purpose of thi...

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Mapping Disaster
What is revealed when 1913 high-water
measurements are input into today’s Geographic Information System (GIS)
computational tools? By guest author Barry Puskas of the Miami Conservancy District Beginning Easter
Sunday 1913, 9 to 11 inches of rain fell withi...

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Crisis Communications in a Communications Crisis
When communications infrastructure is
devastated for days or weeks in a horrific multistate natural disaster, how can
city and state leaders or local volunteers orchestrate evacuations, aid,
relief, and recovery? Where internet and electronics go out, lesso...

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Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming, Folks!
Readers ask about the role of Gorge
Dam in saving Akron during the 1913 flood, a mystery medal of honor, a great grandfather in Indianapolis who was a flood hero, and more.
Some queries stump me—does another reader know?  In November
2012, this research blo...

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‘Clevelanders Responding Nobly...’
Although crippled and without
power itself during the Great Easter 1913 Flood, Cleveland rushed aid to Dayton
and Zanesville. And with telegraph and telephone wires downed, the Plain Dealer became the principal information lifeline across flooded northern O...

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Men of the Hour
Heedless of personal danger, a
handful of police officers from the Indianapolis Police Department rescued over 600 people in devastated West Indianapolis during the Great
Easter 1913 Flood. By guest author Patrick R. Pearsey [The extraordinarily
powerful an...

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To Build a Tornado
Not one, but three violent
tornadoes struck the Omaha metro area in a single hour Easter Sunday
1913. What weather conditions built those tornadoes? Could they recur? By guest author Evan Kuchera, USAF meteorologist [Nebraska’s centennial
commemorations of ...

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Misery in Missouri...and Beyond
Even as the news cycle is now
forgetting the major December–January 2015–2016 flooding down the Mississippi
River, the recent disaster raises thought-provoking questions From
Christmas 2015 to the end of January 2016, hundreds of thousands of people
along t...
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