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Matt Rambo
Quality systems geek, gamer, husband, and dad.
Quality systems geek, gamer, husband, and dad.


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Secret room found under Philly street.

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Our library staff is awesome!
Vibiana Cvetkovic, a librarian in the Paul Robeson Library, wrote a chapter in the book Examining Lois Lane: The Scoop on Superman’s Sweetheart, that is set for publication in Sept. 2013. Cvetkovic's chapter, "Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane in the 'Silver Age' of Comics," describes how Lois's character was depicted in her own comic book series between 1958-1974.

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The Rutgers Board of Trustees serves a valid purpose and has been in existence since 1766.  Just wanted to make folks aware of another attack on Rutgers by our state government.

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April is a great time to live near Philly. April 18th is the start of the annual Philadelphia Science Festival.  It looks like there are some cool events planned.  If you are in the area, I'd recommend checking it out.

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Digital collection of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts brought to you from the Free Library of Philadelphia. Enjoy!

Trying very hard to build some effective databases today and NOT spend my day off goofing on the internet.  2:30 EST and discovered that Night's Black Agents is releasing soon and that Blood and Treasure looks REALLY neat.  Goofing 2, Database 0.

Tonight is my first 7th Sea game in about a month. Spent a few hours remembering where the last session wrapped up and what the heck I had planned for next-either Vesten treasure or a Vodacce prince's auction. I'm pretty sure it began with a V anyway.

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Awesome Night's Black Agents story idea!

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Finished my Sea Dog's Revenge story for 7th Sea last night. The players were responsible for starting the Montaigne Revolution. That'll show the Emperor. Tonight is our D&D Next playtest and tomorrow is One Ring. Thankful that we alternate our GM schedule. Next week I get to relax and enjoy being a player.

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Pictures from the Cherry Blossom Festival in Philly.
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