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Hey G+! Long time, no see! Did you know we're having a LAN soon?

Saturday, June 10th - Noon to Midnight at our new location in Mackinaw!

Sign up now and get info on the 2v2 Drop Shot Rocket League tourney!

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Here's a giveaway for an extra key I have from the most recent Humble Bundle. You must be a member of the Steam community group to enter! Send a message to MrJymm on Steam if you need an invite.


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Humble Weekly Sale featuring Telltale Games! Includes Walking Dead, Back To The Future, Poker Night at the Inventory, and more!

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Worried about missing a LAN?  Add our calendar to yours!

Calendar ID :


iCal :

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Get ready for the Monaco launch and the upcoming tournament by learning to play like a 4 year old!

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Tournament info for the May 18th LAN has been posted! Next up, we'll see about securing some excellent prizes. Head over to the forums for more details and to get signed up!

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Registration for May 18th is now open!


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How long has this been available?  It's very cool!
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