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Commercial pilot airplane single engine :

This rating introduce the student with advanced maneuvers and advanced aircraft with retractable gears and more horse power.

Duration : 4 weeks (approximate)
Aircraft : Cessna 172 sky hawk piper Arrow

Requirements :
10 hours dual instruction
Complex aircraft
10 hours dual instruction
20 hours ground instruction
written test , check ride
Price : $4990 (approximate)
Price not including the minimum hour requirement of 250 hours

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We are here to get you done with your #flight #training as #quickly and as c#heap as possible.
Our mission is making this experience stress free and see you accomplish your goal.
We have been in aviation since 1990 , our Florida based operation allow all year round flying.
We are a family owned and operated which give us the advantage of low over head cost to be able to offer those cheap rates.

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