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Leading manufacturer and supplier of construction admixture and water Flowmeters and Control products since 1970.
Leading manufacturer and supplier of construction admixture and water Flowmeters and Control products since 1970.


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Admix Shotcrete Measurement System : SCS-AMM15

Cost-effective compact DC-powered system for the measurement of admix shotcrete: Flowrate/Total Indicator display in a lockable Stainless Steel enclosure, connected to a 15mm electromagnetic f...lowmeter.

Consists of:
* an AMM15 electromagnetic flowmeter with BSP (female) couplings,
* connected via a 1.5 metre cable to a FRT303 DC-powered Flowrate/Resettable-Total/Grand-Total Indicator with backlit LED display.
* The Indicator is housed in a Stainless Steel enclosure.

The AMM15 flowmeter is virtually maintenance free, with no moving parts, and:
* has PVDF-lined sensor, Stainless Steel 316 electrodes with integrated grounding rings;
* measures liquids with conductivity > 20uS/cm, to 40C;
* flowrange @ +/- 2% accuracy: 1 - 50 Litres/minute

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Flowmeter | Battery Powered Electromagnetic for Irrigation - SM

SM flowmeters are battery powered electromagnetic flowmeters, ideal for irrigation applications. Sizes 100 to 250mm.

* Unobstructed flow
* No moving parts...
* Internal Battery or optionally external powered.
* Built-in flowrate and total indicator
* Minimal straight pipe required
* Optional Pulse Output (with externally powered model)
* Tamper-evident seal

The SM series flowmeters are internal battery powered electromag­netic flowmeters for use in irrigation applications.

Because there are no mechanical parts in the flow stream, and being an obstructionless bore, the meter tolerates high flowrates with no headlosses, providing virtually maintenance-free operation. Also, the flowmeter is not blocked by dirty water or particles.

The electronics housing is made of rugged powder-coated die-cast aluminium. A weather guard is provided to protect the LCD. The LCD display shows flowrate and non-resetable total.

SM flowmeters are available as either battery-operated units or as external DC powered units with a pulse output facility for logging applications. The batteries are user replaceable with an approximate 5-year life in typical irrigation usage. A anti-tamper lead seal is provided and in the event of power failure or replacement of batteries the settings and totals are retained in non-volatile memory.

With no moving parts, the flowmeter permits unobstructed flow, minimizing flow disturbances and hence straight pipe requirements. SM flowmeters can be used in piping con­figurations where there is little space between the meter and an elbow or valve.

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Batch Printing | Batch Monitor Printer Driver Unit - ME6008M

The ME6008M prints end-of-batch totals automatically (after a programmable delay after a batch completes), or manually, for up to 8 channels of admixture and water.

* Prints... QA batch totals automatically (programmable delay), or manually
* Internally logs 500 batch events, downloadable to your laptop/PC via optional front-access DB9 RS232 connector (that also comes with a RS232-to-USB adapter).
* Monitors up to 8 channels of water and admixture
* Channel units in millilitres or litres
* Batch number ID, time and date
* Real time clock
* Grand Totals and batch history can also be printed (or dumped to a PC) on demand.
* User-friendly menu tree
* Programmable pulse scaling (K-Factor)
* IP65-rated touchpad

The ME6008M will provide automatic end-of-batch printing and datalogging of 500 batch events. All records are time-stamped from the unit's Real Time Clock.

The unit is operated from a front panel keypad with a LCD 2-line display. Selections are made from a four-function “soft-key” tree structured menu.

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Batch Printing | Batching Printer System - TMP

The TMP system is a Batch Controller and Printer for automatic ticketing, and is ideal for delivery trucks or loading and discharge locations where custody transfer docket is required.

* ...Prints Batch ID, quantity, time and date
* Optional front port, for downloading internal log of 500 batches
* Printer paper is easily changed
* Rugged IP64 hinged enclosure, with key lock
* Contains wired and mounted ME3000-SC Batch Controller and APM-n93xs printer
* Enclosure: 300 L x 300 H x 200 D (mm)

The TMP system is wired to a pulse output flowmeter (e.g. ManuFlo PMS50 ProcessMaster), and to a pump and/or solenoid.

The TMP's component instruments are housed and protected in a rugged metal box, with a hinged key-lock lid. Since the enclosure is sealed to IP64, the unit can be mounted to the exterior chassis of delivery trucks. The Batch Controller and printer are prewired, making it simple to connect power supply and flow-meter pulses to the unit.

* The operator enters the required batch quantity into the TMP's Batch Controller;
* The TMP Batch Controller controls batch delivery (manually-operated hydraulic pumps can be converted to automatic control by installing a solenoid in the hydraulic line. The TMP then controls the solenoid to start and stop the liquid flow);
* At the end of each batch, the TMP (after a settable period of wait time after there is no activity) automatically provides batch quantity printout with date, time and Batch ID - ideal for delivery trucks or loading and discharge locations where a custody transfer docket is required. The printing of double dockets is optional, selectable via the menu.

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Flowmeter | Resettable Total - MESLCD range

Resettable LCD Total flowmeters. Internal Lithium battery powered. 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50 mm sizes. Positive displacement nutating disc measurement type.

* LCD display head with a resettable in litres (optionally to 1 or 2 decimal places for 20mm models, and optionally to 1 decimal place for 25mm models).
* Nutating (wobbling) disc measurement chamber
* Small impurities can pass chamber without jamming
* Sealed IP65 digital display capsule
* Wide impact resistant glass lens for easy cleaning and quick reading
* Internal 5-10 year long-life Lithium battery
* ± 1.5 % accuracy curve, with 0.2% repeatability
* Calibration certificate supplied
* Simple upgrade to high resolution pulse counter for future automatic batching applications
* Conforms to AS3565-1988, designed to meet AS3901

The MESLCD series flowmeters are suitable for a wide range of batching and measurement applications for water and water-based chemicals. They are ideal in situations where there is no external power supply available, making them totally portable flow-meters.

The nutating disc measurement chamber used provides high reliability and accuracy for measurement of liquids with varying specific gravities, and can pass small impurities without blockage to the measuring chamber.

The display head couples to the main meter body by a bayonet turn-and-lock fitting action. The display can be refitted to four viewing positions.

To operate, lift the hinged lid. The LCD display digits turn on and are automatically zeroed and ready for measurement. The display counts in single Litres up to 99999 (for pipesizes >20mm) or up to 9999 (for 20mm). The decimal point versions count either to 9999.9 Litres (1 decimal place version) or 999.99 Litres (2 decimal place version). Closing the lid resets digits and turns off battery power.

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Batch Controller | ME995 Models

The ME995-series panel mount preset batch controllers are available in a range of configuration options.

* LED display
* 4 x LED diagnostic indicators...
* Preact/freefall function
* Preset maximum limit
* Missing pulse detection
* User friendy simple operation
* Optional PLC/computer interface and pulse/setpoint/alarm outputs
* Many configuration options

They are suitable for use with pulse output flow meters for preset liquid batch control applications.

Using rotary selector switches, batch quantities are quickly and easily selected. The batch operator can cross-reference the upcount LED display counter with the originally selected batch quantity shown on the selector dials. The final batched quantity is displayed on the LED batch screen. Command operations are performed by toggle switches, and four LEDs indicate operational status conditions.

The controller incorporates a standard preact (overflow deduct) feature, K-factor adjustment (-7 series models only), 4 diagnostic status condition LED indicators. All wiring and output options are via plug sets, making replacement or maintenance a simple procedure, without having to rewire the installation. The ME995 is easily interfaced with PLCs, thus incorporating the controller's safety features and providing a setpoint system with a backup batch facility.

Standard controllers are in panel mount form, with 240vac input supply, 240vac output drive, and 12vdc to flow meter.

A range of enclosures are available, in metal or ABS, rated to IP65.

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Flowmeter | Electromagnetic for Tradewaste - FMS

The FMS electromagnetic flowmeters have no moving parts and an obstruction-less bore, making them the ideal flowmeter for trade-waste applications.

* Optionally fitted with Sydney Water... Tradewaste plugs
* Unsurpassed accuracy to ± 0.2%
* Process temperature: - 6 to 70ºC.
* Wide flow measurement range
* Virtually maintenance free – no moving parts.
* Eliminates headlosses and need for filters
* Handle wide range of aggressive liquids
* New back-lit graphical display, with process status messaging. Display can be rotated in 90° increments.
* Two-metre cable between display and sensor (can be longer on request)
* New octagonal sensor tube reduces sensitivity to flow profile disturbances. Empty pipe detection.
* Advanced Digital Signal Processing gives unsurpassed performance in harsh environments involving flow fluctuations
* Robust construction for industrial use.

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Services | Calibration of Tradewaste Flowmeters; Repairs

ManuFlo services include on-site calibration checks of tradewaste flowmeters within the Sydney metropolitan area.

ManuFlo services include:
* on-site calibration checks of tradewaste flowmeters within the Sydney metropolitan area, as required by Sydney Water at least annually. A calibration certificate is issued.
* at our factory: repairs and calibration checks of our flowmeter and batching products.
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Flowrate Totaliser | LCD Indicator - FRT303

The FRT303 Flowrate Totaliser is designed to operate with a wide range of pulse/signal output or coil output flowmeters, providing an instantaneous flowrate reading with a resetable Total display... and Grand Total display.

* Displays Flowrate, Resetable Total, and Grand Total. Easy reset of Total.
* Power options: Internal Lithium Battery, external 5 - 25 VDC, external 240 vac.
* High and low setpoints, Pulse and 4-20mA output options.
* IP65 enclosure with cover to protect LCD.
* Mounting lugs for wall mounting.
* Fully programmable functions.
* Australian-made, by Manu Electronics.

To toggle the display between the Total and the Grand Total, simply touch the front panel button once. To reset the Total, touch the front panel button twice.

Power is via either: an internal Lithium battery which has a life of up to 10 years; optional external 5-25 VDC; or optional external 240 vac. The FRT303 will accept flowmeter input pulses from 0.2 to 2000 Hz (Note: for steady flowrate calculations, need at least 5 Hz input). A filter factor is programmable, to smooth the flowrate reading for pulsating flows.

The unit has other fully programmable optional features including pulse output, 4-20mA output, and Hi-Low flow setpoint outputs. All functions are entered via internal keypads and a menu display.

The LCD can be programmed to show flowrate and totals in a number of different units. All application parameters will be pre-programmed according to your requirements, including display unit preferences and the flowmeter K-factor.

The FRT303 is provided in a compact IP65 Polycarbonate enclosure with molded mounts, allowing it to be used in a wide range of field applications.

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PLC interface | UIC Models
The Universal Interface Card (UIC) provides signal scaling and an isolation interface to pulse flow meter outputs, and re-transmits to PLC/computer inputs.

* Simple calibration setup and use.
* Suitable w...ith most NPN & contact closure flowmeters.
* Fully isolates flowmeter pulses to PLC input.
* Australian made.

Three model variants are available:

UIC/A2 : 24-250 vac pulse switching via a heavy duty triac opto.
UIC/A1 : 110-240 vac pulse switching via a triac opto.
UIC/D : 5- 30 VDC NPN/PNP (sink/source) pulse switching via a 4N33 opto.

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