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strong supporter of free speech
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Read a story written by my brother. DO IT.

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Okay. So, why is this a big deal? There are already protections for people, regardless of what gender they want to say they are. Ultimately, if you pass as a woman or a man and you are not biologically that, the only way someone will find out is if they happen to see the equipment, which puts them in the realm of peeping tom-ery or other personal privacy violation. Your state's laws may vary, but it's probably at the very least a civil case.

If someone punches you because you go into the "wrong" bathroom, then it's assault. And you can always punch them back.

If someone yells at you... Well, those are just words. People get yelled at for having unpopular opinions all the time. They don't victimize themselves.

Oh, and if you have a problem with a man going into the bathroom with your little daughter, well, uh, I'd be worried about the women going in there too. Or the same men going into the bathroom with my little son (well, I don't have a son, but the point is the same). If you're so bothered by your precious little daughter going into the bathroom with a dirty old man, then take them into the men's room and stand guard outside the stall.

If we treat people like victims, then we're only furthering the misconception that they are.

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Maybe I should run for congress so I can help prevent this farce from continuing. How long can one mouse live?

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If I were a small time publisher, I would totally offer to publish Milo's book. It's like printing money.

Simon & Schuster is going to be eating crow when someone else picks it up and makes that big pile o' money. In addition, they're letting angry minority (in the numerical sense) groups have a chilling effect on publishing.

In the end, I don't care what Milo has to say; the targeted attacks against him in an effort to silence what he has to say means that his opponents would rather silence him than actually debate with him, which means that the only version of Milo they CAN argue with is a quiet one.

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Having watched the rally, I did not hear Trump say anything even remotely implying that something happened in Sweden on Friday (aside from his saying "last night," which I took to mean that's when he learned about it). I believe, if context is any indicator, that he was speaking to the gradual decline of quality of life in Sweden and the gradual increase of crime, both attributable to the massive immigration.

While I don't agree with the President on everything he says, I thought his idea of establishing the safe zones in Syria would probably be a better use of our money and resources. If the place you live is so terrible, maybe you should stick around and try to fix it.

I mean, that's what I'm doing.

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Any government position that has any sort of authority should be subject to a democratic election, else it can undermine the established democratically elected government.

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First, they punched the Nazis. But I did not speak up, because I was not a Nazi.

Then they punched the White Male Libertarians, but I did not speak up because I was not a White Male Libertarian.

Then they punched the Conservative Women, but I did not speak up because I was not a Conservative Woman.

Then they punched me. And there was no body there to speak up for me.

So I punched them back, because, hey, they started it.

It would totally be worth it if Snoke turned out to be two feet tall.

Just sayin'.

BREAKING: Disney and YouTube sever ties with Pew Die Pie after learning that he's a comedian.

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It's like that part in Spartacus. Support TechDirt's defense of the truth and be as much the inventor of email as any other living person.
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