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My thought is: Google+ makes people too bloody prolix. Twitter: short and sharp. Haven't got time to read/view all this stuff.
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Just mute it, actively and it's amazing how quickly the good stuff will appear once people calm down! Same on FB....
Agree with +Charles Arthur and muting is a pain. Adding comments makes old updates appear at top which is annoying too
I also dont know why I am seeing all the comments here, since I dont follow the commenters.
I wonder if can we filter it so that we have a twitter like stream from some people whilst being able to dip into the facebook type posts from friends
Have to confess I am not at all clear about this Google+ malarkey. And don't get me started on four-member guitar bands ...
@benrooney(oh, bloody thing doesn't let me @ someone!) still, you got an invite. Puzzled where this will appear in your "notifications". Are comments notifications?
You can @ someone +Charles Arthur. You just have to @ their full name including the spaces. Oh, except if they're recently signed up. Google's eventually consistent DB seems to take a very long time (upwards of 1/2 an hour or more) to become consistent... ;)
You know I must admit I hadn't made the connection between the + sign in front of the name after you @'ed someone, but sure enough + works as well. Doh!
Jesus Charles I had to get a dictionary to understand 'prolix' ;-)
@James Firth it's a great example of a word that's the opposite of its meaning.
Are you the Guardian Journo +Charles Arthur ? I think there is a verbosity issue with G+ but only in the same way there was a verbosity issue with Usenet, the service this most reminds me of, in all its sprawling, majestic mess
James - you had to get a dictionary? Never typed "define: a-word" into Google?!
So you'll just start missing more +Charles Arthur That can't be helped. I can see why journos prefer Twitter; because it's easier to skim and easier to feel you haven't missed anything. The rest of us can afford a more serendipitous approach to knowledge, because we don't have deadlines
I'd agree with +Stuart Dredge G+ is yet another tool to sit alongside Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon etc. Unfortunately it will need a critical mass of users before it has any real value (however technically "clever" it may be), and/or some integration with the other social networking systems.
How true, +David Robinson It shouldn't be the case, but so many superb technologies inexplicably fail, BEOS, Betamax, Friendfeed and OGG Vorbis were all the best of their class, but Windows, VHS, Twitter and MP3 won their races. When you stack them up like that, the odds look frightening
It's new. I'm willing to try it out. I like the favicons displayed next to my links.
+Craig Russell I think the USP of Google+ is that it sits right in the middle and allows you to have both on one platform, using circles to limit which bits of your content get shared with which people.
I still think it is missing integration via the likes of Tweetdeck, so you don't have to choose one platform over the other but 'blend' them.
This has been mentioned a few times, +Stephen Hume I think I agree with the consensus: Google will leave API promotion until people get used to using the site. That suits their advertisers more, no doubt.

Even then, it's unlikely the Twitter owned Tweetdeck will fly the flag of a competitor. In my opinion, the vanguard will be driven by Chrome Apps like Surplus, which I'm using right now
David Stone - just like Facebook has had for two years already, then!

Stephen - there are no APIs for Google+ as yet, so no way for third party apps to integrate like that so far.

Seeing as Google+ is a closer competitor to Twitter than Facebook, I agree that it's unlikely Twitter-owned TweetDeck will support it, but you never know...
Why would he mean prolapse - that wouldn't make any sense.
'Prolapse' has the same three initial letters as 'prolix'. I think it was an attempt at humour.
Yes it was an attempt at humor. Chill out guys, jesus.
And once you roll down the comments to read, there doesn't appear to be a way to roll them up again, so you're stuck with an even longer post in your stream (unless you mute of course)
If you use Google Chrome, the Comment Toggle browser extension solves that problem, +Chris Shaw
This is the thing about Google+ Most of the tools around so far are Chrome apps of one sort or another, so Firefox uses have a slightly lesser experience while Explorer and Safari users are right out in the cold
+Charles Arthur Maybe that makes it more of a friendly thing, ala Facebook, then a Celebrity following thing, ala Twitter?
+James Firth Just double tap the word with three fingers in Lion, it's loverly.
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