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Is there a search function in Google+? This stuff pours past, but how do you search it?
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good question, seems the search is people focused.
Amro G
I have yet to find a way how to search the stream - that would be nice.
so far only by opening few pages 'more' then use search. Nothing better?
thought google realtime search might do it, but of course it is no more
Also no way to bookmark conversations you want to check up on later. Which would be ok if you could search for them! ;)
My thoughts exactly. Google should also build in Google Alerts as well. The Sparks are terrible at aggregating.
You can search the stream by the search box on top. I do searches for topics all the time. What I find harder is searching for my old posts. I either have to scroll through page after page in my profile, or do a topic search and hope that my old post is somewhere near the top.
In addition to what +Brian Hartman said, click on the Everything dropdown to narrow down the search to from your Circles.
+Charles Arthur +Bob Taylor The way I save/bookmark posts is create a "Read Later" circle and then share them to that circle.
  It works pretty well.
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