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Dramatic decision from European Court of Justice: Google in Europe must censor search results if individuals ask. (But the original information remains) Guardian story:

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Euro app developers withdrawing from US app stores (iOS and Android) because of software patent trolls:

OK, and on Circles: I think that the correct number is three: super-private, close, everyone else. Beyond that you can just create "lists" which are like Twitter lists that you dip into, but in terms of broadcasting, you only need those three. Don't you? (He says, with 8 circles.)

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Interesting post suggesting that G+ will change education: - I can see it having an effect on journalism/collaboration even in big offices. Better than talking to people /irony

Is there a search function in Google+? This stuff pours past, but how do you search it?

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Better thinking needed on the tooltips? Not sure how they fix this: mouseover on Safari gives the link which obscures the text.

My thought is: Google+ makes people too bloody prolix. Twitter: short and sharp. Haven't got time to read/view all this stuff.
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