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Be Aware! Catastrophes are a routine occurrence to emergency certified Public Insurance Claim Adjusters...
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Sometimes It’s What your Insurance Policy Doesn’t Say That Counts!..

As insurance professionals, we are in a business where being specific is most desirable, and the type of protection offered is usually associated with details spelled out in the policy.

We have seen however where insureds are sometimes better served by less specific definitions of what is and is not covered.

I suggest that important specifics be clearly locked into your policy but that the door be let open for generalities. Sometimes it’s what the policy doesn’t say that counts.
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Information you should have:
1. Why your insurance claim can be denied?
2. What you must do to be paid for a claim?
3. What does it cost to rehab a damaged property?
4. What coverage's your policy should have for peace of mind?
5. How do you handle a denied claim?
6. Why and when you should use a Public Insurance Claim Adjuster?
7. What are the fees if you use a Public Adjuster?
8. What exactly does a Public Adjuster do for you?
9. Why do insurance company’s say not to use a Public Adjuster?
10. When should you handle your own claim?

Call us today to find out the answers. Call 844-657- 2533 or 856- 655- 2705.
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What makes us better? Listening and understand your needs and simplifying the complex process of successfully managing a damaged property insurance claim so that we are able to help you.
We examine the problem, determine what caused the problem and advise how to solve the problem. We research all options. We will record all damage to property, write all the critical estimates on the building as well as your personal belongings.
The negotiations in which we will engage will be to be sure that all of your interests are carefully protected and that the final settlement will be the largest possible in your favor so that with our guidance you will be able to rehabilitate your damaged property to pre-loss condition.
In certain cases the valuable services of a professional C.P.A. and or Structural Engineer may be required. We provide these consultants to assist you when required.
We guarantee your satisfaction as we have for thousands and thousands of other property owners we have represented.
Not everyone will need our services. However, I guarantee that by calling us first when you have damaged property the knowledge we offer can be beneficial.
When you have a problem. Call 844-657- 2533 or 856- 655- 2705.
See our webpage:
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If you own a condo you should be sure and have “assessment insurance”. When damages that occur are not fully covered by the condos’ insurance policy, the condos normally “ASSESS” the condo owners equally for the uncovered portion. EXAMPLE: There are 10 condo owners in the building. Damages occur and $100,000.00 of the damages are not covered. The condo association can assess each condo owner $10,000.00 to pay for the uncovered portion.
Assessment coverage pays that uncovered portion.
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When going away on a winter vacation keep the heat in your home more than the minimum required to keep the pipes from freezing. If damage results from freezing pipes even though the heat is left at a minimum, it is possible to have a claim for damages denied because of insufficient heat maintenance.
Therefore: keep the heat a bit higher in bitter weather.
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The knowledge epidemic is spreading. Consumers have begun to "catch up "with knowledge of entitlements relating to damaged property insurance claims. You are ENTITLED to be represented by a professional LICENSED PUBLIC INSURANCE CLAIMS ADJUSTER to ensure the results which you deserve.
For 47 years we have "delivered”. When you have the problem, we have the answer. We GUARANTEE it. For answers call (888) 315-8866 - (856) 424-7400- (215) 677-1177
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Hundreds of property owners who listened and remembered what we advised them to do called for help as a result of hurricane Sandy. We were able to help the majority who listened and acted properly from all parts of N.J., PA., Del. and Md.
Wake up America!!! You are entitled to know the truth and be able to know how to handle damaged property claims to your advantage. YOU HAVE RIGHTS!!
When you have the questions and problems we have the answers.
Call (888) 315-8866 or
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We are certified and authorized Forensic Public Insurance Claims Adjusters. We do NOT solicit nor ambulance chase. If you call us we will be happy to assist and guide you. We supply the insurance information which is VITAL to you. To be sure you are on the right path, you should know what You MUST do and MUST NOT do before beginning a damaged property insurance claim.
Our 47 years of experience will give you the answer. There is never a charge to educate you.
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A professional Public Adjuster should understand the technical and legal changes in property insurance policies as they have been made while providing the vast knowledge required to serve those in need. Our 47 years’ experience has enabled us to offer a guarantee when managing your damaged property claim to deliver the required funds to rebuild your property, and to cancel our fee if we do not.
When you have the questions and problems we have the answers. Call (888) 315-8866 or
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