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Millbrae Station Self Storage

A Short Guide to Choosing a Storage Unit Size

Here’s a quick overview to help you answer the common question what storage unit size do I need. 

5 X 5 storage unit = Regular closet

5 X 10 storage unit = Walk in closet

7.5 x 10 storage unit = Large closet

10 x 10 storage unit = Small bedroom

10 x 15 storage unit = Large bedroom

10 x 20 storage unit = One car garage

10 x 30 storage unit = Two car garage

10 x 20 RV or boat parking = Boat, RV or Camper Shorter than 20 feet

10 x 30 RV or boat parking = Boat, RV or Camper Shorter than 30 feet

Visit our site for availability of each of these storage unit sizes. Need more help deciding which size storage unit you need? Give us a call - we’re happy to help you save you money by finding the right size to fit your needs. 
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Storage Unit Access: What you Should Know

When it comes to accessing your self storage unit, not all facilities are created equal. During your hunt for storage, be sure to inquire about the following:

Storage Type (Drive Up, Indoor or Outdoor Lot): Where are the storage units located on the property? Are they drive up units, much like a one car garage that you can pull your car up to? Indoor storage units within the facility? Outdoor storage spaces that are similar to a parking lot? 

Hours: What are the hours of the storage facility? Is it open on nights and weekends? Do you have 24 hour access to your unit or access only during set times of the day?

18-Wheeler Access: If you have a moving company unloading your storage items, can the storage facility accommodate their 18-wheeler (if that’s what their driving)? 
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Maximize your storage unit space by adding and removing seasonal gear.
Now that the weather is heating up you are going to want easy access to all of your summer gear such as boats, fishing poles, swimming accessories, inner tubes, and more. This means you will be needing additional room in your home and garage to store this summer gear. Your  is a great place to store gear you will not be using during the summer months in order to create extra space and de-clutter your home. 

To get started, create a list of things you will not be using this summer. Then, organize them into one area for easy packing to be brought to your storage unit. Having a hard time coming up with items? Here is a list of common items to get you started.

* Sleds
* Snowblower
* Winter Gear and Clothing
* Shovels
* Snowboards and Skis
* Winter Decorations
* Extra Bedding
* Snow Tires

What kind of winter gear will you be putting into storage? Let us know by commenting below!
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