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Ken Bernock
Changing games one at a time.
Changing games one at a time.

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Hockey fans. I'm pleased to announce my latest project. A free online hockey magazine for everyone who loves hockey.

No adds, stats, and news. Just amazing content teaching you about this game we play on ice.

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New Post: Taking Advantage of Free + An Announcement on a new project I'm working on.

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Do you judge on first impressions?

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New: Lessons from a Drug Addict

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New Post - The blog I'm currently consuming and how I'm doing it. What blogs are you currently enjoying?

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[New Article] When was the last time you wrote a hand written letter?

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Audit Your Website!

If you have a website or blog of any kind (or even just a social media profile), it's helpful to take a close look at everything from the perspective of a new user. I did this recently and came up with a long list of things I need to improve upon.

When auditing yourself, it's helpful to ask a number of questions. Feel free to use any of these or make your own, but most importantly, take action on the things you need to fix.


What is the purpose of your website?

What's going well?

What is not going well?

Is the About page clear?

Do you have at least one photo of you on your About page?

Do you have at least one good option for visitors to contact you?

Do you link to all your active social media profiles? (If you've stopped contributing somewhere, that's fine, but don't link to it.)

What do you want visitors to do?

Are all aspects of the site consistent?

Does your RSS and email signup (and any other signup) work as it should?

Is there a clear call-to-action that reflects your desired intention?

Can users search the site to find something specific?

Are there any old or outdated links?

Have you credited any public domain or Creative Commons images?

(Note: people often ask where my post images come from. Most of the time, they come straight from Flickr. Use "Advanced Search" and choose "Creative Commons" at the bottom. Then click "View All Sizes." If using the image, be sure to provide a credit with a link to the artist.)

Are you satisfied with the level of engagement on your website?

Have you created links to flagship content? (This refers to long-lasting posts or articles that are especially helpful or interesting to visitors. Hat tip to +Chris Garrett.)

If asking for donations, is it clear how people can give and what the money will go toward?

If you have sponsors, have you clearly disclosed your relationship with them?

Are you improving over time?

One year from now, what will your website look like?

If something comes to mind, add your own auditing questions in the comments. Unlike other audits, this one can be fun.
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