Here's the description for my talk at the gotoAndSki() conference, January 26th-28th 2012:

The Naked Pixel
The Internet has become the biggest image production and consumption machine ever. Every second hundreds of thousands of new pictures are uploaded to the cloud and are waiting to be seen and appreciated. Most of them are irrelevant, a few of them are great and with some of them you don't want to get caught on your screen whilst your colleagues, your mother or your kids are watching.

So what ways are there to dig through this gigantic pile of data and separate the gold from the dirt? How can you find the pictures you like and filter out the ones you want to avoid?

Unlike humans who can understand the contents of an image by just looking at a small thumbnail for a computer a bitmap is just another blob of bytes that holds no meaning. But there are ways to give machines some understanding of what an image is about and even if it has certain aesthetic qualities or not.

In his talk Mario Klingemann will show some of the possibilities and applications for image classification and content filtering. Due to the nature of the subject this session is considered NSFW and viewer discretion is advised.
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