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All #DSM all the time.
All #DSM all the time.

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It's official. The hard drive in the computer on which I recorded (and [eventually] edited and mixed) all of the interviews I completed in 2014 has locked up harder than leftover fruitcake. I’m working on regaining that functionality, but being a low no budget operation means that such things proceed at a less than ideal pace.

THE BAD NEWS is that all the interviews I had in the can are gone into the unknowable void. I didn’t really have the means to backup that much audio (see above re: budget), and when the drive stopped spinning, they disappeared.

THE GOOD NEWS is that we're starting over with a clean slate. This is the perfect opportunity for you to tell me what I should point my as-yet-unpurchased microphone at in 2015. What are the people or projects more people should be talking about? What #DSM  stories would you like to hear (or tell)? You can share your suggestions on your preferred social media platform, or by email to

Thanks for listening, and here's to a happy, healthy and productive #2015.

Hey everyone, I just wanted to check in and apologize for the long wait between episodes. I've had some personal and professional challenges that required me to put OMGDSM on the back burner for awhile. Just this week, as I was gearing up to produce a new episode, the computer that I use to record and edit the show decided to eat its own hard drive. I'm working on trying to replace it, but it's going to mean rebuilding a lot of stuff from scratch. I'll do my best to get a new episode released as soon as I can.

In the meantime, to learn more about what's happening in the arts and culture community here in #DSM‪ , please check out the Des Moines Social Club's "Scuffle" and Brian Campos' Pants OFF #Podcast

- K.O.

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ICYMI: Our fourth episode features interviews with two great nonprofits working with at-risk kids in #DSM .
Check out our new episode, featuring interviews about Community!Youth Concepts and Art Force Iowa, and their work with at-risk kids in #DSM   #youth   #nonprofit   #art   #STEM   #podcast  

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Check out our new episode, featuring interviews about Community!Youth Concepts and Art Force Iowa, and their work with at-risk kids in #DSM   #youth   #nonprofit   #art   #STEM   #podcast  

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#DSM  brings you
competitive Haiku. Is
this town great or what?
Check my calendar,
click the "Join" button, begin
counting syllables.
#30DaysCreative , Day 14 #Haiku  

This Friday night at the +Des Moines Social Club.

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The new pathway, bench and planter at the southeast corner of Union Park are a great addition.
#DSM   #flowers   #photo   #bench  

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Thanks for a great interview!

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Download now: learn about music in ‪#‎DSM‬, and the work of the Des Moines Music Coalition, City Sounds: The Des Moines Public Piano Project and Girls Rock! Des Moines. Featuring music from Maximum Ames Records artists Christopher the Conquered, TWINS and Gloom Balloon.
#DSM #music #Iowa #podcast

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Making a folder for songs to feature on the show, my fingers typed “Snogs” instead. I decided to leave it that way.
#DSM   #music   #britishforsmooch  

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Thanks to +Josh Hafner for coming on the show, and writing about it for the Juice Magazine website!
#DSM   #Iowa   #podcast  
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