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Hello and Assalamualaikum. I’m about to share with you very openly for the very first time, things the media never publicised, my personal experiences during my stay in Swat district and with the Taliban, about my constant struggles regarding education, my views regarding Malala day and about the image of Islam. Sure, some may ignorantly skip it. Some of you may disbelieve or disagree but I find the need to get the TRUTH out. I do wish, but do not know if any higher authority or government official will ever hear my plaints, and about my constant struggles for the past 15 years of my life, striving for education, and how much I’ve yearned and struggled for people just like me to get equal rights as individuals, even in the department of education.

 I am very well aware of Pakistan’s education system. Every child  qualifies and deserves an education as their legal right. BUT, the elite class get the best. The middle class get an average standard and the poor get different text books and hardly any facilities. The Curriculum for every class of people is different. Funds are provided but they never, ever reach the deserving people, whether it is for flood victims, earthquake victims or for education.

I would like to take this opportunity to reveal some facts about my struggle for education – that should be provided on an equal basis – THE RICH OR THE POOR SHOULD HAVE THE SAME CURRICULUM AND QUALIFIED AND DEDICATED TEACHERS. Who is going to help me establish my purpose? I have made multiple visits with my parents (some years ago) to the Embassy of Pakistan, to put forward my request to be provided with some aid to introduce at least one school in my area. We were totally ignored and our efforts were thwarted. My mother eventually started classes on a private basis and also undertook the education of my siblings and myself – single handedly.  At the same time, I am aware that not everyone has that much stamina to undertake such a great onus of responsibility. Hence, through this platform, I appeal to concerned authorities, to pay attention to the needs of the citizens of their country and strive to provide institutions in order to provide access to all the children out there – to acquire an EDUCATION on an equal basis.  

The Taliban are not really a threat - unfortunate circumstances are. Did the UN just wake up to the fact that millions of children around the world are denied rights to education? There have been girls much younger than 14 years in many countries, including in Pakistan, who have faced worse circumstances, usually fatal. Young lives snuffed out just because they raised their little voices for their right to education. There are serious repercussions that children, especially girls, have to face, that are generated by members in their very own families who commit atrocities towards them. How is celebrating a day dedicated to one girl going to help eradicate or even change the deeply embedded convictions of a society?

What makes Malala’s story unique? She wanted an education? Every Pakistani girl wants it. Did she stand up to the so called monsters and fight them? No. She was a victim of target shooting? Yes, but there are others who were targeted too…as was 12 year old Iman Darweesh. She was shot multiple times by Israel Defence forces but unfortunately, she did not survive. A search of her bag revealed that it was filled with textbooks. Here is her story-

Who is responsible for hundreds who have been killed, many of which are young children in Pakistan drone attacks(obviously not the Tailbans),
and the bombings in Iraq where thousands of children were killed, about which GORDON BROWN expressed no regrets or remorse about the decision to go to war and none about financing of it-
What about the innocents killed in Afghanistan bombings? 
"Each time I have to ask myself if we are doing the right thing by being in Afghanistan. Each time I have to ask myself if we can justify sending our young men and women to fight for this cause," Brown said in a keynote speech to the Institute of Strategic Studies. "And my answer has always been yes."
Student visa link to terror raids as Gordon Brown points finger at Pakistan.
Logical reasoning is certainly not what Gordon Brown is well known for. The arrests and investigation in which 12 men who were students in the UK had been so ignominiously subjected, had established precisely that they were not “a threat to the country”, so what’s the justification for deporting them? Clearly the message is: OK, they’re innocent, but they’re ‘guilty’ of being Pakistani Muslims, and therefore inherently suspicious, so we’ll send them home so as not to be seen as being soft on immigrants or ‘extremists’. And, of course, their deportation will convince many that, although there was no evidence against the men, the terrorism charges must have had some foundation after all. 
In 2008 the so-called anti-terror legislation, which is designed precisely to spread racism and Islamophobia and to restrict the right to speak out against injustice.
Visa snarl-up leaves thousands of Pakistani students barred from UK
And now Gordon Brown and the UN show their unusual concern because of this one incident regarding the shooting of one girl, and Gordon Brown has the audacity to go to Pakistan and make a benevolent announcement and declare “MALALA DAY.” I am still reeling with shock. It is unbelievable!  As much as I want to refrain myself from saying this, but I have to say it - I see a lot of hypocrisy in these actions.
Needless to say, Malala has been used as a pawn. She’s still an immature child, who studied in a school her father ran, the same father who was offered by Aamir Ahmad Khan to write articles, which appeared six months later under a pen name, (where was the courage then, to reveal their true identities) due to the fear of the so called Taliban, who supposedly blew up 1200 schools in the Northern areas but surprisingly, not the rest of Pakistan… not that they couldn’t have. They are also supposed to have attacked Kamra and the Karachi Naval base;  Karachi, being in the farthest end of southern. By the way, if the so called Taliban really did want to get rid of Malala, they could have easily blown the whole school to bits along with her and all the other students as this is their ‘trademark’ of ways to kill and create terror. 
Based on my experience while in the Swat district and with Taliban… I am utterly baffled, and I wonder  what the truth really is.  Honestly speaking, seeing the horrific picture the media has painted, I am further consternated.  *I would like to share with all of you some happenings that  the media has* never publicised. Before I reveal my narration, I would like to stress upon and clarify my stance- I am not siding with any terrorist, never have and never will. I just want to relay my point of view in quest for seeking a reasonable explanation.
Having lived in Pakistan for a period of time, I will first go into what I observed, especially in areas like Darra Adam Khail and Shaikh Khan, townships that are on the outskirts of Peshawar. These townships have had their spell of time under the rule of Taliban. Under the ‘rule of the Taliban’, peace and justice prevailed. People were happy. Bazaars would  be left unattended with shops open during prayer times. There was nothing to fear. Robbery, corruption and dealing of illicit goods was abolished. 
Suddenly, one fine day, decapitated bodies of civilians started to appear on the streets.  The military took over and everyone was left confused and are still confused to-date. I would like to tell you what the Taliban rule did to Swat- 30,000 long standing (some as old as 40 years), unresolved cases were resolved justly.  I have lived there, come face to face with the Talibans, passed their places of residence while going to school and never experienced any threat. I do not understand how the media has come up with their information. There was another supposed Taliban crime where a woman was lashed, but the account turned out to be a hoax. Needless to say, that some people ‘took over’, instilled fear and horror into the lives of people and the ‘Taliban’ were blamed. 
Once again, ‘someone’ claims responsibility in the case of the Malala shooting, and it is readily being believed and accepted as the truth. Truth on the other hand is almost always stranger than fiction. The masses are being duped.  Nothing has been proven yet, regarding the Malala shooting - much like the 9/11 incident, which has made life hell for Muslims all over the world. Has it ever occurred to anyone that if Muslims go around blaming entire races for the atrocities committed to them by non-Muslims, how unfair it would have been? Can we blame Buddhists and Buddhism for the massacre in Burma? Or the entire Christian race for what Hitler did to Jews?
What’s happening???  It is like a jigsaw puzzle for me, where I can’t add all the pieces together and make any semblance out of it.  My experiences and observations are very contradictory to all the local and international media reports.  What I have narrated here, about my experience is just the tip of the ice-berg. If we want to seek the truth, we should look closely at facts, from every aspect.  *I believe that most of us work towards a good* cause. We’re a global village now, and I feel it’s best to get together and do something good as a global unit , instead of falling prey to the one-sided, usually misleading media or to the political cronies out there making all sorts of sweet public speeches.

Thank you for giving me the time for reading this.
May Peace Be Upon You.

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