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Ryan Peter
Ghostwriter, journalist, editor, copywriter and musician. Author of "When Twins War".
Ghostwriter, journalist, editor, copywriter and musician. Author of "When Twins War".

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Happy birthday +Nick Wienand!!

Happy birthday +Shane Rielly !

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So... When Twins War: BOOK II is available at Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Scribd, Apple books, and tons of other places! This is a revised version of my original, now split into two books, with the first book free. One bonus feature of this version is that it includes a chapter from the sequel, FLIGHT OF THE PRINCE.

If you like classic fantasy give my book a try :) With the first book free there's really no risk, and I've enjoyed some good reviews. You don't even need to login. Get the first book at and follow the link below for the second.

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Are you a Wattpad reader? Do you enjoy fantasy? Yes? Well, you can read WHEN TWINS WAR: BOOK I there now - the entire book :) Please leave a comment!

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Anyone who is interested in writing as a career in SA would have enjoyed the SA Indies Rock (SAIR) book festival this weekend. Here's some stuff I learned. Honourable mentions: +Carlyle Labuschagne,+Rachel Morgan and others.

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"Your Single Happiness" now available at Amazon Kindle for $4.49. Also on Kindle Unlimited :)

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Here's why I'm keen for the #SAIR Book Fest this weekend (and you should be too). Come and meet some great local authors!

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Six years married today. So stoked.

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This is why I wrote a book on singleness for Christians.

"We’ve got yet another Christian culture problem. Somewhere in the formative and oh-so-tacky ’80s and ’90s, a message spread through Christian bookstores (R.I.P.), pulpits, youth groups, and all the nooks and crannies of God-fearing culture. This message was that: casual dating is not good, women’s hearts must be guarded by men, and all romantic relationships better have marriage in mind—or they’re just using each other."
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