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How to Choose Razor to get the ultimate Shave by USRazor. Schick Quattro Razor
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Most of the men often face a razor burn issue, which is the irritation caused from shaving off puckered hair follicles accompanied by ingrown hairs. While shaving some men use to scrape off the face skin with a normal razor, which results in a razor bump or burn.
In order to avoid a razor burn, you need to follow some effective tips such as:
Proper Pre-Shave Process:
You should always prepare your bread before shaving by soaking it in warm water. Taking a warm shower before shaving is considered to be good or else you can wrap around your cheeks and neck a towel soaked in warm water. This will help in making your facial hair much softer, which will help you enjoy a perfect shave. After moistening the beard, you can apply a good quality shaving cream that will not only help in moisturizing the beard but also will whisk a rich, creamy lather.
Use Right Tools:
Shaving with poor quality or normal razor will require you to concentrate only on your shaving or else it can result in a razor burn. In this case, you need to use some branded and top quality shaving essentials like Gillette razors and blades that will help you enjoy a close and safe having experience. Gillette razors such as Gillette Trac II Metal Razor and Gillette M3 Power Razor as well as Gillette blades like Gillette Sensor Razor blades & Gillette Atra plus Razor blades can prove to be one of the best shaving accessories or tools that will help you experience an incredible shaving experience and offer a smooth and stylish look.
Ensure Correct Shaving Technique:
Do not shave against the direction of your facial hair growth; this will result in cutting hairs off below the level of your skin and cause irritation. Do not forget to pay special attention to the trickiest area- neck, because most men experience razor burn in this area. Keep off from scraping your razor across your neck over and over again.
In short it can be concluded that:
Avoid shaving too harshly and always shave in the direction of your hair growth.
Be sure to moisten your bread before shaving.
Use branded and top quality razors and blades.
You can buy branded and authentic shaving razor & blades online at; we are one of the leading and most reliable retailers of shaving products in USA. You can visit our website today to find great deals on desired products.
Hurry Up! To drive your girl crazy with clean, stylish and charming look on this valentine day eve……
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Best Price , Free & Fast Shipping at WWW.USRAZOR.COM
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What is the Best Way to Enjoy a Clean Shave Look?

It is believed that a man with a clean shave looks more professional than an unkempt counterpart. Shaving is considered to be important for sporting a tidy appearance and look.
Have you ever faced difficulty in getting a clean shave look? Do you know what does a clean shave look mean?

For your information, a clean shave means that your skin feels smooth to touch after you finished shaving. Most people have a thinking that razors are simply one kind of tool, which can be used to enjoy a clean shave. This is not at all true, because to enjoy a clean shave look, it is important to use the right shaving essential and follow some useful tips.

Please read on this post to find out the great tip for enjoying a perfect clean shave look!
Get the Right Shave:

Today most of the people are drawn towards shaving on a daily basis. In past, people were considering a single-blade razor and some foam shaving cream, whereas in this present scenario there are several options available to enjoy a clean look or appearance. You should remember that to get the right shave, it is important to go through a proper pre-shave process.

Prepare yourself for the Shave:

It is a mistake to forget preparing your skin before the shaving. Without a proper skin preparation, there is a great risk of having multitude or problems from stubbly shave to cuts.

First thing, you should do before shaving is a nice thorough cleansing that helps in opening your pores. This will make your hair and stubble softer, which in turn will make it easier to remove completely.
Second thing is to use a moisturizing face wash instead of using soap. Using a moisturizing face-wash will help in replenishing and rehydrating your skin.


Do not forget to exfoliate your skin; this will help in removing or scrubbing the dead skin cells off your body by using a washcloth or facial cleaning product. Exfoliating will make your skin healthy and give it a great look.

Consider the Best Time to Shave:

If you really want to get a good shave then it is important to do it after your shower. It is believed that the steam from the shower will open up the pores and help to enjoy a clean and smooth shave. In case you want to shave before a shower then simply put a hot towel on your face for about 5 minutes, which will work well for a good and clean shave.

Choose the Right Shaving Product:

You can see, in this present scenario there are hundreds of different types of razors available in market. This will make it a bit daunting task to choose the right shaving product. You should always remember that, no matter how much preparation is done, if you do not pick the right razor then getting a perfect shave is not possible.

In this case you can consider buying Gillette Razors and Blades or Schick FX Tracer Razor blades, which have today gained a great craze among most clean shave seekers. You can buy shaving razor online at, which is a leading and most reliable retailers of shaving products in USA. At our online store, you will find great deals on your desired shaving products.

Do not get late! Browse through our website today to check out the most exclusive collection of Gillette Proglide Razor Blades for sale and various other shaving products.
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Sameer Bhujbal, former lawmaker and nephew of NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal, arrested in a money laundering case in Mumbai.

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