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Editor - Retirement Income Blog
Editor - Retirement Income Blog

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SeniorLeads provides good advice for Financial Advisors and Life Agents for trust issues #seniorleads

Why Don't Consumers Trust You?

Americans' Ratings of Honesty and Ethical Standards in Professions (December 2016)

Percent of Americans ranking these professions for high trust

Nurses 84%
Pharmacists 67%
Medical Doctors 65%
College Teachers 47%
Clergy 44%
Chiropractors 38%
Psychiatrists 38%
State Governors 18%
Business Executives 17%
HMO Managers 12%
Senators 12%
Stockbrokers 12%
Advertisers 11%
Insurance Salespeople 11%
Car Salespeople 9%
Members of Congress 8%

Lack of trust makes it harder for you to bring on new clients and more difficult to increase your business.

Is there a fix? YES

At the very first meeting, give prospects your personal promises in writing (I suggest one laminated page). Those promises will be all of your personal commitments to them:
•to always tell the truth and explain products or services completely
•to disclose how you are compensated and the amount
•to return calls the same business day

Think about it. Why should prospects commit to you if you won't commit to them? Put it in writing.

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Get one page checklist and cheat sheet for important aspects of retirement. Which topic would you like?

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