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Oh America. You lose a few people, another few injured from a bomb, and it trends on G+. International headlines are written about this. War takes so many, every single day. Disease and starvation that could be cured at the cost of the deaths that we cause, run rampant around the globe. If only you'd start caring about the rest of the world, as much as your self.
... and my dear Americans this is what the People in Baghdad experienced on almost a daily Basis for the last TEN YEARS! #PrayForBoston
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Could one of the anti-choice sorts please explain what on earth this trial has to do with outlawing all abortion? Wouldn't we just be creating more guys like this, and worse?
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So I'm hauling along in my new adventures into the industry. I'm on day 3 of working at a retirement home kitchen. I have access to basic ingredients, and I can do sort of slaw based salads with my own interpretation. I'm considering doing my own mayonnaise from scratch, if time allows. The problem I'm facing is keeping the thing from breaking for the time it'll be held. What's the best common stabilizer for this sort of thing?

Hi everyone,

I'm a foodie just starting in the industry. I picked up a job with a friend doing dish washing and prep at a retirement home. I'm finding the work easier than I had anticipated, and I'm glad to be finally following my long-time dream of working in the food industry.

I'm mainly here to learn how to progress my career. My current plan is to rack up some experience, and head to culinary school in a couple of years. I'd ideally like to get to the point where my experience allows me to find jobs easily, so that I can use my profession to travel around a little.

Motion: The human race should voluntarily go extinct.

I'm arguing in the affirmative. My primary argument is that breeding can be seen as the cause of all trolly car dilemmas. Having children creates a life that may be enjoyable, but may also be a horrible experience. Meanwhile not having a child does not propose this ethical problem, nor is it generally unethical to abstain from reproduction.

My lesser argument is one of how humanity chooses to end. Unless we appeal to transhumanism (which I'll address if it comes up), humanity will die off. In general, nature does not care about how we die. None of the major common doomsday scenarios look like they would prevent suffering. Meanwhile, a concerted effort behind population reduction would be a comparatively peaceful end.

I'm going to pre-empt a common argument here, as I find it wastes time. When I say this, people tell me that the unwilling will simply continue to breed. Notice that in the very motion, there is no indication that this debate is about implementation. If this debate goes well, I may post one on implementation methods.

I have been given 1.5oz of preserved black Perigord truffle. I know what it tastes like, I know how to use the salts, but this is my first time with the real thing. What should I do with it? I'm trying to avoid pasta, and pair it to a protein.

What is our societal obligation to those living in poverty? Are we sociopaths, when it comes to being aware of the suffering of most other people on this planet?

I have few conclusions on this subject. My overall conclusion thus far, is that humanity is generally a horrible species. If it were our own family starving, we would take immediate action. When it happens on the other side of the world, we tend to simply indulge in the luxury provided by our cultural exploitation. I see little difference on a local scale in poorer nations, from a global scale.

I have any number of follow-up questions that I'd like to write, but I'd like to leave this thread fairly open. However, there is one thing I don't want to discuss in this specific thread...

For this debate I am introducing a single axiom: religion and spirituality are empty concepts.

I am distinctly not posting this thread as an invitation for superstitious conjecture about ethics. Religion is the constant derailing topic on this forum, and it gets enough attention.

Abortion debate: Is it ethical to have an abortion, once pregnant? If only under some circumstances, which ones?

I am of the opinion that life begins at conception, but not all human life deserves the right of personhood. Much as tissue cultures for skin grafts don't have rights, I think that anything without the capacity for active awareness should not have rights. If anyone cares to get into the neurology side of this, I am happy to discuss neurological fetal development. As a side note, I am willing to be cogent; certain animals deserve the rights of personhood.

This is a continuation from a derailing started here:

The post that started it, by Cosette Holmes (I can't + him, unfortunately) read:
It depends on who you're talking about. It's difficult to group all faiths together into "religion"; I am a Christian, and I do not think that God calls us to war against other religions, if you are speaking of the crusades or something. Actually, Christ tells us to have compassion on people. When Jesus came, He did not kill every one that disagreed with Him; He explained the way to heaven to them. Accept the way of salvation. God loves you. Believe on Christ's saving power; it will fulfill that God-given empty spot in you. visit here:

My response was:

+Cosette Holmes Why would you think that there was ever a man named Jesus who performed miracles? If it's the bible, why do you believe what it has to say?

And now I await his response.

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For anyone who likes to debate with theists, I'm finding quite a number over here:

We get tons of them flooding in every day, trying to challenge everything from evolution to logic. The arguments you'll hear definitely fall into the range of, 'exotic' most of the time.

Despite the group size, it's only maybe a dozen of us who represent atheism regularly. I think we deserve a bigger voice in the major debate group for G+.

And for full disclosure, I am in no way a representative of this group.
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