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Interesting look at current archiving activity. I like the analogy to the Library of Alexandria, including the caution about what happened to it!

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One of the first things I've ever programmed on a computer has been Barry Martin's Hopalong attractor in 1986, as soon as I discovered it from A. Dewdney's 'Mathematical Recreations' column on Scientific American. At the time my Z80 based computer was able to render just few dots per second on a 256x192 screen...

I've recently developed ChaosNebula GL, a live wallpaper for Android which renders this beautiful mathematical object using some OpenGL animations and effects. I hope other fans of this kind of things will enjoy.

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Flying through parameter permutations of Barry Martin's old Hopalong formula is amazing.

(edit - corrected the author of the formula, and just now shared a post from the author of the demo)

Holy smokes, updating from boost 1.44 to 1.48 seems to have fixed all my hard-to-track boost::asio crashes. Wish I'd done that a while ago!

Trying to get Jack/PureData making sound on OSX 10.7. Jack apparently needs an Aggregate Device, but the menu item isn't where the docs suggest in Audio Midi Setup. Any tips?

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At last, photographic evidence of the terrestrial octopus.

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I like this approach since I tend to be a code fearlessly kind of guy. Wish I had worked in-parallel on a recent rewrite!

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Contact lens with a one-pixel display; it projects a meter in front of the eye by using Fresnel rings to focus the pixel on the retina.

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This is pretty funny.

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These are some seriously amazing RC aircraft.

The post is in Japanese, but the pictures are totally worth it.

I love the Pterodactyl-Concorde.
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