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Fiction Friday!!! I have something to admit- this is the first ever Rick Riordan book I have read. Thus, I have nothing to compare it to when it comes to his other series. With that being said- I really enjoyed reading Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. I...

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Upper Grade Mentor Texts
I realized that one thing that I really missed in 6th grade was using picture books to teach writing. One of the best things I did this summer was to dedicate some time to finding  new picture books to use the first week of school The quality of picture boo...

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Teacher Fun Haves
I know these are not teacher MUST haves, or things every class needs... but... aren't they lovely? They would make any teacher happier to grade papers, staple packets, organize homework, wake up in the morning, etc. I know I would do these things with a hap...

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Who's Doing the Thinking?
I had an AHA Moment when I heard a speaker say, "The kids need to head home exhausted because of all the thinking they have been doing- not you (teacher)!" OMGoodness!...there are days when I have done so much thinking throughout the day that I just want to...

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Fiction Friday - Dog Edition
Thank you Amanda from The Teaching Thief for inspiring this doggy edition post! Meet my personal reading support team. They have approved the following review. Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin This was a beautiful story told from the main character's point of vi...

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The Importance of Fiction
Teaching reading using fiction is truly my favorite part of the school day. There are days when reading class feels magical and the level of thinking and participation are what teachers dream of. Kelly Gallagher, author of In the Best Interest of Students s...

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Chapter 3 and 4 were absolutely helpful! These two chapters really allowed me to synthesize the information from previous chapters. They were so wonderfully dense with valuable information - I'm still processing it all! I took a shot a creating my own bookmark of learning to reference and use until I no longer need the tool (ultimate goal!)

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Nonfiction Phrasing
I have actually woken up in the middle of the night pondering the use of nonfiction cues to build reading fluency. Why? Because some of my students struggle to grasp understanding of nonfiction text due to fluency. Phrasing is a strategy that is easy to beg...

Hello everyone! I've been slow to get started :( and I'm trying to get on track with all you diligent readers.

I am loving the ease to which Kate and Maggie share their ideas in DIY Literacy. One of my biggest takeaways for chapters 1-2 + bonus is the keys to successful learning: empowering students to self-monitory learning, meeting students where they are, and showing students their progress or lack of progress. So empowering for students!

Now for teacher empowering. Kate and Maggie give relevant, practical, and doable suggestions for how teachers (me) can reach these keys to success. As I read Chapter 2 I was reminded of my math training. My math coaches are constantly drilling "concrete-pictorial (visual)-abstract". Model with concrete objects a multiple of times. Then, transfer from the concrete to a visual. This helps students imprint pictures. Finally, the teacher models the concept at the symbolic level. Very relevant in all subject areas.

Through out my 22 years of teaching I found my professional learning community in books. Professional texts have been my colleagues, mentors, and educators.

On to chapter 3-4.

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Fiction Friday!
Okay people, I am a week late. BUT, I love the idea of Fiction Friday. Fiction is amazing!!! It allows one to be more creative, improve vocabulary, reduce stress, slow down memory decline, sleep better, have more empathy, and tons more reasons. So... you se...
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