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Your Own Vegetable Garden

Have you ever wanted to have your own vegetable garden? Growing your own fresh vegetables is not difficult and apart from the wonderful taste, you will also know exactly what has gone into and on to your food.

If getting is all set up has been the obstacle to growing your own, why not let Gordon Lawn Mowing do it for you? For a quote now call 1300 882 787. Depending on the site we can be in and out in 1 to 2 days with your vegetable garden up and running. Below are some of the aspects we consider when visiting your site.


The one really vital requirement for a successful vegetable garden is a sunny location. Choose the sunniest spot you can find. If the only sunny area is paved, or on the deck or balcony, then plant your vegetables in pots (refer to our info on sowing into containers). There are quite a few varieties of vegetables developed expressly for this purpose and container vegetable growing is becoming easier and easier.

The Soil

The soil in a vegetable garden needs to be well-draining with a good structure (nice and crumbly) that allows rapid root growth and easy access to nutrients, water and air. The incorporation of organic material such as household compost (best because it's weed free) and composted animal manures helps to create suitable conditions for growth. It should be dug over to break up clumps of soil (never dig when the soil is wet & sticky as this will cause clumping). If, however, you find digging difficult, or are faced with a compacted, poorly-drained site, then building up a "no-dig garden" with layers of straw, hay and compost above ground level will allow you to grow wonderful vegetables without the heavy work of digging over the bed. Whatever way you go the top of the soil should be friable to allow the emerging shoots to break through. At Gordon Lawn Mowing we test to find out exactly what your soil may require.

The degree of soil acidity (i.e. the pH) can affect nutrients available to plants. Most vegetables thrive in soil with a pH between 6 and 7. A simple pH test with a soil testing kit will indicate if your soil is too acid or too alkaline. Soils with plenty of organic matter added may need the addition of garden lime to raise the pH. For maximum growth, natural fertilisers may need supplementing with artificial fertilisers to ensure that the plants have all the nutrients they need. Don't over-fertilise. The use of a variety of organic materials will probably produce perfectly satisfactory results. Water well before sowing.


Now you are ready to open your packet and sow those miraculous little seeds! It is usually best to sow in a straight line so that you can easily distinguish your vegetables from any weeds which may also sprout. The job may be made easier for small seeds by mixing them with sand & applying with a shaker to better control the sowing rate. Sow the seed according to the directions on the packet. A general rule that works for many seeds is that you plant them at a depth that is twice the diameter of the seed with a minimum depth of 1 cm. Water with a fine spray initially. The seeds need moisture to develop, so keep them moist but don't drown them.

Coping with Pests

One of the great advantages of the home vegetable garden is the option of producing pesticide-free produce. At Gordon Lawn Mowing we believe people will benefit greatly from knowing exactly what has gone into producing there vegetables.You may have to settle for produce that is not as visually perfect as the shop-bought stuff and steel yourself to doing plenty of picking off and squashing of pests. Looking at your growing crop every day not only gives satisfaction but can enable you to quickly detect any harmful insects and physically remove them. The other options, of course, include choosing products with low toxicity eg Pyrethrum insecticide, trying biological control eg Dipel (for caterpillars) and using companion planting. (Marigolds are very good). Snail bait is something that you may need to use. (Multiguard is much safer than other baits.) A snail beer trap can be very effective - bury a container level with the ground & fill with beer. Slugs & snails find it irresistible & then drown happily.

What to Plant

The choice of vegetables depends on the tastes of those who are going to eat them. Don't waste garden space producing wonderful crops of, say, sweet potato, if no one in the family will touch them with a bargepole! Like all sensible producers, cater for your market, and sow seed successively to have an on-going supply. Tomatoes, beans, peas, broccoli, capsicums, lettuce, carrots and zucchini are all particularly easy & rewarding. You don't need a huge space at all, and a vegie garden can be very attractive. Join us as we help you along the way to grow delicious, healthy vegetables for yourself, your family and your friends.

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At Gordon Lawn Mowing we have the experience to assist you with the often daunting task of pruning your shrubs and trees to ensure their long term health and growth.

Call us now on 1300 882 787 to discuss your pruning requirements.

Some information about Pruning

Pruning in landscaping and gardening is the practice of removing diseased, non-productive, or otherwise unwanted portions from a plant. The purpose of pruning is to shape the plant by controlling or directing plant growth, to maintain the health of the plant, or to increase the yield or quality of flowers and fruits. Proper pruning is as much a skill as it is an art, since badly pruned plants can become diseased or grow in undesirable ways.

Proponents of pruning often argue that it improves the health of the plant and makes sturdier structure, while opponents believe that pruning harms plants' "natural" forms and leads to wounding which may become infected.

In general the smaller the wound (smaller the branch that is cut) the less harm to the tree. It is therefore better to formative prune the tree when juvenile than try to cut off large branches on a mature tree.

Consequences of incorrect pruning performed to large trees can be dangerous. If a shrub was incorrectly pruned and a piece broke off it may not do much damage. However if a tree next to the house was incorrectly pruned and a large branch fell from 20m up it could be deadly.

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In order to maintain well-kept hedges, tireless hours of pruning and clipping are essential. But who has the time to be a slave to their hedges? At Gordon Lawn Mowing we are proud to commit our time to keeping your hedges trimmed and in beautiful condition.

I have to say that over the years I have found Hedges give me the Greatest reward in seeing them trimmed correctly. whether its a Photinia, Verbenum, Lilly pilly or Laytens conifer I personally Love doing them. We come out, set up our portable scaffold and get them back in order. First in most cases we take out the bulk with our heavy machinery then we go back over the whole lot with various hand secateurs in order to give the straight cuts on the stems required for health of the plant. Finally we spray our natural antiseptic over the entire hedge to ensure the stabilizing of the plant after the shock of a cut, Finally we pour a tonic at the root base of each plant comprising the hedge and mulch out the base in if its heading into a colder season.

Because the climate of the North Shore region is so conducive, hedges grow at a rapid pace. Trimming is not only done for visual appeal but regular trimming is necessary to train the hedge to grow to its fullest capacity. Managing your hedges is critical and letting the hedge grow too far without attention can cause problems, we can consult with you regarding regular maintenance of the hedge or hedges on your property. There are many different types of hedges and Gordon Lawn Mowing has worked on most types over the years. so whatever the issue may be we will find the solution quickly and competently for you. Call now on 1300 882 787 for a free quote.

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ordon Lawn Mowing is part of the Zeal Property Maintenance Group, which has been providing professional tree care, tree surgery and when needed, tree removal and stump removal in the gardens of private homes, commercial properties, municipal parks and reserves, golf courses and schools across Sydney since 1999.

Our Vision

To be the most competent tree service available. Known for consistently delivering top quality tree work, great value for money and customer service second to none.

Our Values

We care about our clients, their trees and the property that surrounds them and will do whatever it takes leave their garden clean , tidy and undamaged. We help our clients make the right decisions based on arboricultural knowledge and experience. We have the skills to implement that knowledge and a commitment to developing ourselves further. We value and respect the environment, and create solutions to help retain significant trees.

We remove defective and undesirable trees in a safe and professional manner. Public safety and the safety of our team are a top priority, we don't cut corners or take unnecessary risks. We will act with honesty and integrity in all our dealings between our clients and our employees. We are proud to have many customers using us for repeat and ongoing work and referring us on to their friends. We promise you the same great results, and stand by our values with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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You don't need a green thumb or a lot of plant knowledge to have a beautiful garden. Or, if you are simply too busy to do all the garden chores yourself, you can still have a garden that you enjoy and your neighbours admire.

The team from Gordon Lawn Mowing can have your garden looking great - leaving you time to enjoy it, without all the work and not needing to cost you an arm and a leg! Through single visits or regular and ongoing care programs we will soon have your garden flourishing.

You may have specific requests for your garden. It IS YOUR garden, so we want you to feel that at all times. We don’t ‘take over’ and push you out.

Why not call 1300 882 787 or email us to discuss your gardening needs?

We are always pleased to include your ideas, and advise you on their suitability. Or perhaps we will recommend enhancements to your garden, such as new plants to suit particular aspects or trouble spots; or turf renovation, irrigation extensions or landscaping. You can be confident that we have the expertise to carry these out, or may recommend other contractors with specialist expertise.

When you just want to sit back and enjoy your garden or if you are feeling like a slave to your plants... it’s time to call Gordon Lawn Mowing!

By becoming a client of Gordon Lawn Mowing you are entering into a relationship with a professional business dedicated to providing you with all of the horticultural requirements your garden needs.

You will be dealing with people and a brand you can trust. Our expertise is in developing and caring for gardens of all types.

Our services include:

Total Garden Care Programs
Specialist Pruning
Turf Installation & Care
Garden Design
Planting &
Weed Control
Patios and Courtyards
Garden Renovations
Pest & Disease Control
Vegetable Garden Setup
Garden Mulching and Composting
Bright Plant Displays

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Managing weeds

At Gordon Lawn Mowing we keep abreast of domestic and rural weed management issues. We are able to advise our clients on ways to keep their properties weed free, be they lawns and gardens or larger rural acreage blocks. The information below is taken from Australian government and advisory authority factsheets and reports and summarises what we consider to be important aspects of weed issues.

Weeds are a serious problem throughout Australia. Many procedures and methods are available to manage the effects of weeds. The most effective means of weed control are prevention, early detection and eradication. In the event that weeds become established, procedures and methods for weed control are available to reduce their impact. Once the initial infestation is controlled, follow-up monitoring and control is required to ensure that reinfestation does not occur.

Call 1300 882 787 or email us to discuss your weed problems and how we can help you address them.

Weed prevention

Early detection and eradication

Biological control: Releasing a weed's native natural enemy such as insects, grazing animals or disease

Cultural control: Manipulating farming practices or enhancement of the native plant community

Physical control: Removal of weeds by mowing, mulching, tilling, burning, grazing or by hand

Chemical control: Use of chemicals, such as herbicides

Integrated weed management: Using a range of the above control measures

Ongoing maintenance

NSW State weed management arrangements

Who is responsible for managing weeds? The primary responsibility for managing weeds rests with landholders and land managers, but collective action is necessary where the problem is beyond the capacity of the individual landholder or land manager to address.

Successful weed management requires a coordinated national approach which involves all levels of government in establishing appropriate legislative, educational and coordination frameworks in partnership with industry, landholders and the community.

Information courtesy Australian Federal Government Weeds Website

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