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Developing Stars that will Reach for the Sky
Developing Stars that will Reach for the Sky

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Boost a Child’s Health with These Top 5 Simple Activities

It’s never too early to teach a healthy lifestyle to children. The earlier they appreciate living healthy, the better for them when they grow up.

To boost their health, here are five simple activities that you can get them started with:

- Walking
Take time to enjoy flowers, leaves, and conversations as you walk along.

- Jogging
Ensure that they have stretching exercises before and after jogging.

- Playing with friends
Allow them to socialize and strategize creatively.

- Eating healthy
Give them fruit shakes or vegetable salads.

- Sleeping
Discipline them to sleep at least eight hours in a day.

At Shining Star Youth and Community Services, we believe that a healthy child is a ready child. We have programs in our curriculum that works in partnership with parents and families to promote the total well-being of a child starting with their bodies. If you would like to enroll your child, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us through our number 773-734-7827. You can also email us at

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Children Can Enjoy Education Even at an Early Age

We understand that no family is perfect. But the imperfection should not be a hindrance to a child’s success. That’s why we’re here to open learning opportunities for children. Enroll your children with us. Provide them the experience to enjoy education at an early age. Know more about our services at

#kids #education #success
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Inspire a child, be one of our volunteers

There is no involvement too small when you've invested in one life. Volunteer with Shining Star Youth and Community Services. There are many things you can do as a volunteer. Visit our website at to make your choice.

#kids #volunteer #service
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Respond to Your Child’s Emotional Need of Love Through These 4 Ways

Love is a language understood by all people, most especially for children. Their need for love comes first as they are at the crucial stage of their life. They’re still getting started. What they receive will surely be stored in them ready for dispensing in time to come.

As parents, your primary role is to respond to this need of love from your child. How do you express your love to your child? Here are four ways encapsulated in the word LOVE:

· Live it

In your daily activities at home, show gentleness, respect, and self-sacrifice for every family member.

· Own it

Before others, acknowledge joy and pride of your children.

· Verify it

When they commit a mistake, correct them with the assurance that you’ll continue to love them no matter what.

· Express it

Whether there’s occasion or not, say “I love you” to your children.

At Shining Star Youth and Community Services, we help nurture a loving environment for your child to thrive in. Ask us about our services at 773-734-7827.
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Our Children’s Future Can Be in Your Hands

Do you also believe that the children are our future? Then you’re one with us at Shining Star Youth and Community Services. We help them get the right education and learning experience to prepare them for a brighter future. There’s something you can do to help. Visit our website for these opportunities at

#children #education #opportunities
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We Help Provide Education to Children Who Have Fewer Means to Reach it

Education is the only inheritance that can never be robbed by anyone else. It’s our passion to help provide education to children who have less or no means to reach it. Be one of our volunteers or sponsors. Ask us how at 773-734-7827.

#education #kids
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How The Youth Can Become Effective Leaders

Leaders are people who take action and inspire others. In most cases, leadership is expected to be honed at an early age. As a member of the youth, here are ways on how you can also be an effective leader in your own right.
Create a plan.

Have an ambition and turn your vision into a reality. Lay out the steps you might need to take to execute the plan and do them. Planning gives you a clear picture of what your course of action will be.

Take risks.

Do not be afraid to take the risk. Be optimistic and take that first step. If you succeed, then good. If you fail, you will have a learning experience.

Do not listen to others who put you down.

There are some people who will most likely say negative things about you or what you are doing. As long as you are not hurting anyone, do not listen to them.

Shining Star Youth and Community Services offers a BEST Mentoring Program aiming to provide the youth with employment skills, leadership training, and support. Call us at 773-734-STAR (7827) to know more about this program.
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A Fun Tip When Preparing Meals With Kids

Meal preparation can be a fun way to bond with your kids. Let them help you with the easy stuff. While they observe how to cook certain meals, they will also learn to appreciate them.

Shining Star Youth and Community Services prepares health and safe meals for our children in Head Start. Call 773-734-STAR (7827) for details. #meals #children
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Wray Family Foundation Scholarship
Interested applicants for our Wray Family Foundation Scholarship may send an email application to us at #foundation #scholarship
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How To Be A More Effective Parent

Most parents definitely want to be effective in raising their kids well. Here are some tips on how you can be an effective parent, too.

Spend time with your kids.

This will allow you to get closer and develop a strong bond with your children. When they feel this bond, they will most likely avoid misbehaving and hurt you. Do activities together and have fun.

Be firm in disciplining your children.

Disciplining your children helps them take responsibility for the bad actions they have done. Be firm in your stand so that your kids will not get confused as to what really should they be doing or not.

Practice reward system for good behavior.

Rewarding good behavior encourages them to do good more often. However, make sure that they also understand that they do not need rewards just to be good.

Shining Star Youth and Community Services offer young mothers in Chicago education and employment opportunities.

Please check for eligibility details. You may also call us at 773-734-STAR (7827) today for your inquiries.
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