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Chickpea Cottage
Hi there, After a long, long break from the hobby (mostly due to personal reasons that kept my interest and creative energy away from anything related to miniatures and model-making), I finally found my motivation to get back and do something with my passio...

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Oakbound Miniatures - Fenfolk
A while ago, in my incessant search for swamp/bog/fen related miniatures, I came across this blog post by Mr Saturday , where he talks about a new company called Oakbound Miniatures that sells Fimir-like models. It got me intrigued as the models described i...

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More Wargame Terrain
Over a year ago I ordered a book called Building Wargame Terrain , by Tony Harwood . Being a terrain-making enthusiast myself, this was a very welcomed arrival to my hobby-related library. The book was 98 pages long with nine articles featured in a progress...

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Midlam Miniatures - Latest order
When I visited Midlam Miniatures ' stand at Salute this year and had a really nice talk to the owners I was introduced to some of their different ranges of fantasy miniatures. Two in particular caught my interest: Goblinvylle and Halflings . Goblinvylle has...

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Street Performers Come to Town
City life is usually dull and uneventful. The town of Grymmford is no exception. Every day tends to feel the same as its citizens go about their usual business. Some days, however, the working routine is broken by loud and cheerful sounds of traditional mus...

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Street Performers - More additions
One particular type of civilian I enjoy collecting is the street performer. Like with so many things in life, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Most of my models are still unpainted - either waiting in the lead pile or covered in black sp...

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Fool's Gold
In late June this year, our local Mordheim/Border Town Burning/Mutiny in Marienburg group of players will be gathering somewhere over the Pale Sisters and far away for another exciting encounter of Warhammer forces. The logistic details of this infamous mee...

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Liebster Award - Double Bill
I seemed to have been caught in the last two waves of Liebster Awards from my fellow hobbyists and bloggers Simon and Chris - incidentally two of the people I most respect and admire in the hobby. So, thank you both for your kind gesture. Apparently, the pr...

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João Sousa commented on a post on Blogger.
By far, my favourite troll model. I really want to get her while it's still available! Did you have fun painting her?

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