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My most anticipated devices coming out of MWC? Probably the watches. 

Things that frustrate me in the Android ecosystem in 2015: application backup. As someone who switches phones regularly this problem is amplified for me; but it equally impacts someone who only uses backup in case of catastrophic loss of phone.

Here is my issue - Android/Google Cloud will back up system information as well as my "Application + Data" in Lollipop. I can also restore it when importing to a new phone. However "Data" is a bit misleading here - as it only supports application data that is stored within Google Play. 

Many of my most important applications are not supported - ie Bitcoin wallet, Google Authenticator, and JuiceSSH; along with other less important apps like Instagram, Swarm whereas I still need to manually set up the app with my login information and preferences.

Right now for backup there are really two 3rd party choices to fix this issue. Helium - which does not back up many apps including all of the ones mentioned above; and Titanium Backup which requires root access (but besides being not very user friendly is an absolutely fantastic app that I wholeheartedly recommend).

So as the ecosystem stands right now; you either root your phone and use Titanium Backup for a real system backup - or you don't root your phone and lack the basic protections regular backups are supposed to protect against. 

As data protection is at play here - each app is 'siloed' and can only access certain data on the phone for security reasons; this needs to be an Android core issue and I hope more focus is put into this in the future. Not everyone has access to or wants to back up data to Google Play; Android users need external solutions that are easy enough for 'regular users' who do not need to root their phone to create a full backup.

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Nexus 6 comes with it's storage encrypted, which is why you see that it is 'slower' in some aspects than a stock Nexus 5.
Nexus 5 16GB lollipop unencrypted speeds vs encrypted speeds. This explains why the Nexus 6's disk speed is so low

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Android 5.0 factory images for the Nexus 5 are out! Your move, +Kim Kardashian 

After spending some time with Nexus Player... I have to say I am underwhelmed. The build quality is much worse than the Fire TV and I've already had some issues with remote pairing and wireless access. 

I'll have to sideload Kodi (XBMC) onto it so that I can do a side-by-side review of the Nexus Player vs Amazon Fire TV... but so far Fire TV takes the cake.

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Project Ara finally has a bootable device. Maybe this phone will happen after all!

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Once the battery life on this watch improves to > 24hrs, I'm in!
Latest XDA News! How to Unlock, Root, and Restore Your Moto 360 – XDA TV

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So I'm set on the Nexus 6, which goes up for pre-order today. Anyone else in? I'll probably go for white.

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OK Go seems to have retained what most artists have lost when it comes to making music videos. Their videos are pretty crazy as conceptual thoughts, let alone executed.
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