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They seriously damaged my mothers car when they pulled it out of the ditch and then blamed my mother for the damages. She slid into the ditch during a snow storm. When they showed up they didn't want dig out the snow under the car so they could attach the chain to the frame, instead they hooked up to the rear end of the vehicle. While attempting to pull the car out by the rear end the part they hooked up to broke lose, causing the car to come crashing down... with my mother still inside of it! They then told her it was safe to drive home in a blizzard with a vehicle which had a damaged rear end that caused the car to be nearly uncontrollable! When she took her car to the shop the next day they confirmed that the damages could NOT have come from sliding into the ditch, but they where 100% consistent with the tow truck driver improperly hooking up my mom's vehicle. The shop also stated that the vehicle was un-drivable in it's current condition and anyone that told my mother it was driveable should "never tow another vehicle again". This company's gross negligence not only endangered my mother's life but also caused her hundreds of dollars in car repairs and then instead of taking responsibility for it (like any good company would) they sent two people to the shop demanding to see my mom's car, made personal threats against the employees of the shop, denied any wrongdoing, and THEN made a facebook post describing exactly what happened to my mom but then saying "At Kronner's we find that totally unaccepable and would never do that to someone." (which they then deleted a few days later). It's very sad that instead of admitting responsibility and offering to pay for the damages (that according to several mechanics are 100% consistent with an improper towing hookup and couldn't have been caused by sliding into a ditch) they have caused my mother tons of unnecessary stress and pushed our family to the point of having to take legal action. I don't understand why any reputable company would do everything in their power to try to deny responsibility for their actions when they could simply reimburse my mother for the damages that they caused and use them for a tax write off at the end of year, which in the long run would cost them nothing and earn them a great review instead of a poor review and legal action. To make matters worse they have been deleting my mom's comments on their facebook page instead of finding a way to work with her to resolve the situation they created. I guess we can't all be born with a brain or a clue how to run a business. P.S. I expect this review to be deleted so you can continue hiding and denying responsibility. Go right ahead. We have been taking screenshots and you deleting the posts instead of responding to them is just something else we can send to the insurance company, the lawyer, and the BBB. Your company's actions have negatively affected my mother in more ways than you can even realize, and I will make it my mission to warn as many people as possible about your company's nefarious business practices. This is a small town, and me and my family know a lot of people. I will also be posting on every single review site I can find your company listed with. I hope all this was worth not being willing to accept responsibility for your actions which you could have simply wrote off at the end of the year on your company's taxes.
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